How do I do a perfect pass?

I’m having trouble getting perfect passes, I thought you had to overtake the AI in the position in front of you really close to their car but it seems I’m only getting good passes and if I get any closer to the car whilst overtaking them I’ll be sitting inside the AI’s car.

Is there a certain way to get perfect passes?

Or is it totally random

You’ll need to nearly sideswipe the AI and pass them at a higher rate of speed. It’s easier to do this with lower difficulty drivatars.

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The best way I’ve found is to out brake the Ai going into a corner while being relatively close. As far as getting a perfect pass in the straights, it seems the slower your overtaking speed is the closer you have to be to them.

Yeah you have to pass them quite quickly. If you pass them close but only creep past you won’t get a perfect pass. Have a decent disparity in speed and be close.