Can you only get one perfect pass per car?

I’ve been trying to use the mod cards that need eight perfect passes. And dang is it a challenge. I will do my best to get perfect passes, then slow down to let people pass me, so that I can try to get them a second time. But it never seems to trigger the perfect pass on the same car again. I was pretty sure with previous versions of Forza you could get perfect passes on the same car multiple times.

Currently running the shorter races so I can finish all the way through the Elite Series and then will go back to play longer versions later. So it is quite a challenge to get eight perfect passes in two or three laps.

Im struggling with this one as well. I even let myself fall back to the last place and even then i cant seem to get the 8 perfect passes.
But if you ram your way through the pack in order to get first at he first corner, i manage to get 5 or 6 perfect passes?

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I’ve noticed this to be true. I can only manage to get one pass skill per car, so if they either pass me or I let them pass me so I can get another pass skill, I can’t. It seems the system is only allowing one per vehicle.

After several attemps I have decided to sell them they are worth a fair bit about 15,000 I think will have to check next time I sell them off.

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I could see that being limited by current lap number, or maybe a cool-off time period. It would be difficult if an endurance race at an oval course would only allow one perfect pass per car per race.

Hey Max that’s what I was thinking too, that it was probably a cool off. Or on the shorter races, like three laps, it’s once per car. But I did a longer race, maybe it was even an endurance race, and I still was only getting one per car and that was after a long period of time between attempted passes.

Speaking as someone who runs maximum length races in FM2 through 7 I can tell you once a car is passed thats it. You never get any perfect passes when lapping opposition. So if you start in P1 you can do a fifty lapper and gain no passes at all even though you may lap the field several times.

It’s not lap limited… Speed and how you pass is the matrix.

Drafting scene and out braking them into a corner = PP

At a dead start passing 2 cars on the grid in front of you by going between two cars = GP (Good Pass) this is because you’re not meeting the minimum speed, I think it’s at least 20/30mph

Passing scene on the outside a turn is possible to get a PP but you must be maintaining a minimum speed in the turn. Again there are many potential PP’s but speed, closeness, method, and cleanness is a factor

With how many… If yu bump a car and passes, then let them pass, you can still get a PP I have but difficult. I think like scene said, a cooling off period… Or following them is required. I have gotten (I think) a few PP n the same car on ovals but they had to pass me while I was pitted.

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This. All good points that I’ve experienced as well.
Works on endurance races at Le Mans as well.

The only other thing I’ve noticed is I only get pass ratings when the pass is made for position. Lapped cars wouldn’t count.

I haven’t fully explored the Rivals Events yet, but if there are Passing Challenge Rivals events in FM7 and you can use mods, use the Perfect Pass Mods there. The speed differential is large enough that perfect passes are pretty easy to get on the straights.

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One thing I’ve noticed is on FM7 it’s easier to get a Perfect Pass compared to FM6. On FM6 you had be right next to the car you were passing, almost banging doors.

Without testing, it seems you must pass to improve from your best place so far in the race (and at a high speed difference for perfect). For example, if you slip from starting at 10th to 12th, you won’t get a pass skill until at least the overtake for 9th. If you climb to 5th and fall back, you won’t another until you climb and overtake for 4th.

Also, I haven’t gotten pass skills for passing lapped traffic in races, but I think all passes can award them in passing and track day rivals events.

If you want a lot of perfects in a race, it will probably be best to set up in free play. Set the start order - like ascending or descending PI - in whatever way moves you closer to the back of the grid. Or combine your passing mod with a “start last, finish first” type mod.

Yeah, it has always been like this (and his always been annoying). It’s the same in Horizon as well. You should not use these cards in anything but passing challenges. When you have to overtake forty VW beetles it is easy to get a dozen perfect passes. In a standard race it is essentially not doable.

I’ve noticed even good passes not being counted period, rewinded to make sure and still won’t give me the pass. Even lightly tapping other cars (unavoidable with this damn AI) results in never being able to get a pass on those cars again. Really frustrating and stupid.

It is because they head straight for you even if you have 10ft of room either side. If you put the Mod card in and choose a track and give it a try then take Mod out you will notice a lot more PP’s given with no mod. The Perfect Cornering one is better and pays off however the same thing applies if not in place you seem to get more PC’s Maybe it is just fussy. The only way I have managed the Perfect Pass payoff is to shoot straight up the middle from the start line and with a car either side of you it adds up quick.

I think there is a caveat to to the passing criteria.
While doing a 100 lap race at Homestead, I was able to get perfect passes on cars that I had previously passed.
Here is the scenario: I had moved to first place, then pitted, the 2 - 4 cars passed me while in the pits. After catching and passing them a couple laps later, I noticed the perfect pass pop up. I was surprised because I also thought that once you pass an opponent there was no chance for another opportunity.

The pass definitely has to be for position and not lapped traffic. I will try to replicate and update my post.

That’s not how it works. What happened was that the cars that overtook you during your pit stop were those that were starting behind you, so it was your first pass on them.

This, it happened to me and the only way is to pit and overtake again for pos.

I was running the Nascar race at the Homestead oval layout and I couldn’t even get enough good passes to fill a card. The problem was that the AI insisted upon bouncing off of the wall coming out of each turn, so getting a clean pass wasn’t possible.

To burn these mod cards I was going to set up a Free Play race at LeMans classic. I’ll have something absurdly powerful with a huge top end and work the grid ordering so I start at the very back. Set it up with enough miles on the race for a few hundred thousand payout to make it worth the effort.

Getting perfect passes on special events where you’re passing VW Beetles in hypercars is fairly easy. If I have a car with a 40 mph top speed advantage at LeMans filling those cards shouldn’t take more than a lap.

While it doesn’t directly address the question being asked, it’s important to understand what the game considers a Perfect Pass. In order to qualify, the difference in relative speeds must exceed 22mph and the doors must pass within 2.5 feet of each other to trigger the Perfect Pass.