How can I contact Turn 10 about adding a track to the game?

I work at the National Corvette museum and asked my manager to allow me to contact someone at Microsoft or Turn 10 to see if the NCM MSP (National Corvette Museum Motorsports park) to Forza 6 or a future Forza title.

The MSP is a race track for events, track days, autocross, driver education, HPDEs . Ron Fellows is also using the track for part of his high performance driving school. SCAA and many other racing leagues have used our track so I’d think it be great for Forza and help get the word out about the track.

Any mods or fellow community members know of any way I can contact Turn 10 about this addition to the franchise.

I also inserted a image of one of the configurations for anyone else interested for the MPS.


And while track discussion is ongoing you may be interested in talking to johniwanna (John Schommer) who writes articles about motorsport and car culture in the News section. Here’s his write up about the LeMay Museum last year: News - Forza


Thanks for the info

Or the simple - but nearly unaffective way - the track wishlist thread.

Nice… Hope you get the chance to bring that track to Forza. :

Send them a check for a million dollars or chain yourself to their front door and refuse to leave until you get the track in the game.

Try tweeting Dan Greenawalt too, he’s fairly active on Twitter these days

I clicked this assuming it’s just going to be another person complaining about tracks not being in the game, I was pleasantly surprised. Props to you, SPKxLoneWolf117, you’re a cool dude.

As for how to help, Max and Cowpat have said basically every way possible :).

No kidding!

This is cool, good luck. More tracks the better I say.

I wonder how many track owners are asking the game studios to recreate them vs game studios begging for permission (or having to pony up big licensing money).

This was my exact thoughts.

Yep same here, it’s sad that there’s so many kids that keep making new posts just for a specific track or car.

I’ve driven here and it’s a real cool track. They have lots of grass roots events so being able to get a little practice would be awesome.

I wonder what really goes into the track selection for what gets into the games? What point of the system of adding tracks is the bottle neck? Do big tracks get hung up on licensing? Availability to be scanned on the track’s side? Availability of the equipment to scan on Turn 10’s side? Just availability of resources on Turn 10’s side to get the tracks modeled? Would be interesting to get a kind of behind the scenes look at the process of getting a track into the game.

There are a couple things that I could see as issues with this track getting into Forza. Tracks with history are obviously big. Also, tracks with visual appeal. The mere existence of fake tracks illustrate this because the fake tracks are always visually amazing. COTA has huge visual appeal. As cool of a track as the NCM track is, it really doesn’t have that visual pop or any racing history behind it to help it get in the game if the bottle neck to more tracks is mostly Turn 10 modeling resources, which I kind of expect it is.

I just watched the unveil of this track on the Corvette Nation show on Netflix. I was pleasantly surprised to see all that the Museum does for the Corvette culture and beyond!

If Ron Fellows likes the track then I hope T10 will open communication with the track owners.

Best wishes and thanks for not putting this into the track wishlist thread. This inquiry is different in all the right ways.