How about a snow track in FM7?

Driving/drifting on snow and ice tracks are soo much fun irl, so how about adding a snow track?.

How about not? People complain about driving in the rain already, they’d never be able to handle snow.

Beside that, it was already tried in a previous version, and everyone ended up avoiding the track.

Suggestions are meant for the suggestion threads pinned near the top of this forum anyway, not individual new threads all over the place.

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I’ve played FM1 through FH1 and I’ve never seen snow as a surface type in any of 'em. What did I miss?

You with a nick like that should like it, by the way, there has never been a snowtrack in Forza, PGR had one, and that was a snowy nordschleife not a pupose built snow track.
Besides a pure snow track would have the same amount of traction all over, not like the rain patches today.


That’s what I thought when I read his first post. Lol

It was on Nurburgring (stadium version) and reverse, as I recall.

It was fun at first (maybe two or three times). Then frustrating. No one wanted to play it after a couple tries.

what? I have no memory of this

Me either, I’m confused. :confused:

Maybe that is what I remember! Could very well be. Anyway, the suggestion should go in one of the pinned suggestion threads near the top of this forum.

Rallycross tracks? watched GRC today and they were at Daytona! Pretty kool to have if we could!

I think Snowowl’s comments are referring to PGR4.

I’ve never played PGR4, but I do know it had weather effects, including snow.