Hot Wheels - the actual wheels

The hot wheels metal flake are garish old 70’s boat gelcoat metal flake.

I go over them with transparent color coats to temper the flake to the point I’m happy.

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Yeah, but that makes it perfect for the Meyers Manx.


I believe the Meyers Manx body was built by a boat builder. I may be mistaken by that is my thoughts without going to Google.

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Yeah, that’s my main problem with it. They could probably ONLY offer a selection of proprietary colours. In contrast to a previous poster I found they weren’t “loud” enough for my taste. Especially what passed for a yellow. But I like the coarse texture.

Well, that and they should have put the Hot Wheels presets in their own tab, rather than spamming the top of the main paint menu with a dozen color variations.

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I didn’t think they were on top of the main paint menu. Could’ve sworn they were over on top of the Special paint subsection. Still, couldn’t’ve hurt to put them on their own tab.

“Previous poster- loud” comment would be me lol. I use the existing metal flake dual color palette on a large number of my designs, which allows me to set the tone of the paint in a way the HWs paints don’t, like you said. Their intent, in line with the times, was to have such “loud” overtone on the flake, which is fine. It looks good on the Lola given the reproduction of the original HW design & is most fitting in that regard rather than creating a new color lacking the effect, but I’m with you on the lack of adjustment.