Hot Wheels Pak and Season Pass

i am a VIP and Season Pass holder, yet the in-game marketplace wants to charge me for the Hot Wheels car pack. what do?

If you own the car pass you need to do nothing to obtain the car pack.

Go to the buy cars menu in career and the cars should be there available for you to add to your garage for free the first time.

Do a complete console shutdown by holding the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller’s) until it turns off. Then, restart and run the game. The July title update will, then, give you access to the cars with a one-time free purchase.

fixed? i clicked on Season Pass $59.99 or whatever, it told me i already owned it and after a minute said that it was downloading. before it said “free” on the other car packs. confusing…

thanks for the reply, i tried this before i read it.