Horizon Promo Missing Cars

Hey Guys, I was trying to complete the Horizon Promo on FH4. I have 750/752 cars photographed (including the Owen’s P1). If I filter the Horizon Promo I can’t select not captured like I could before and if I check there is a captured icon next to all of the cars. Anyone know what I could be missing or is this just a glich in my game that doesn’t update the number?

Maybe you forgot about: 1972 MAZDA COSMO 110S SERIES II & 2018 SALEEN S1

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Horizon promo should still be showing those cars though…whilst the Saleen, for example, hasn’t officially released, it shows up in Promo as soon as the Update happens.

Have you figured out what you’ve been missing ?

I am stuck at 751/752
Got the Owen’s P1 and Saleen S1. Still missing one somewhere.

You can’t have Owens P1, there is only one in the game and i’m pretty sure your not the person they made it for.

If you do and it wasn’t made for you then i would get rid of it because you will get a ban for it.

EDIT: My apologies to the OP, i thought you meant “owned” cars as i only read last post.

Wrong, the picture of the Owen P1 is easily obtainable with a specific bluprint race, absolutely no risk of any ban.

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Likely the missing car is the 2017 VUHL 05RR coming in series 37

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you should still be able to filter Not Captured
i still can

Not captured should work.
There are now 753 cars.
I did a blueprint drag race to catch Vuhl.
621 592 717
@ Airport.
I’ve got other blueprints for groups and series.
Vuhl looks cool.

I’m not arguing here, just intrigued. Mine is 751/752, the only one I don’t have is the 1951 Porsche #46 356 SL Gmünd Coupe. Wonder what’s different.

Set up race blueprint for whatever class stock Gmund SL is. Drag strip quick lots of cars ez to shoot. Pick individual cars, speedster Gmund 356 the other goofy 356 coupe not outlaw.
Start race and immediately shoot pic.
You have Owens so that’s weird it won’t show what isn’t captured.
Go to promo and slowly scroll by make I guess if x sort not captured not working.

Thanks for the tip. I got a lot by drag racing but thinking about it I haven’t tried to set one up for that class and type. I just went through the whole “cars you have photographed or own” thing and the only one without a camera icon is that Porsche. As for the Owen’s P1, I didn’t know about that. Just looked it up and if I understand correctly that’s the one you mean. It does not show in my “cars you own or have photographed” page, only the normal P1 there. I have not really looked into the blueprinter, apparently that’s the only place the Owen’s shows up according to forza.fandom. Thanks again.

They did 1 Owens car for a make a wish deal iirc. There’s a code for race it’s in that is available. I forget but maybe search here. Never searched here so dunno if useful.
Found it.
989 815 391 blueprint. Need McLaren P1 to enter.


Thanks for the code! Its the P1 that’s required, not the F1.

Fixed it sorry. I’m old.