Horizon Custom Tour

A user created Tour that can be played solo vs AI, convoy only vs AI, open multiplayer vs AI, Convoy only PvP, and Open PvP.

  • Car restrictions, including custom restrictions

  • Drivetrain restrictions, including AWD, 2WD, FWD, RWD

  • Freeroam between races togglable

  • Eventlab creations can be included

  • up to 10 events for solo/convoy only, up to 5 for open matchmaking

  • Custom lobby thresholds for open matchmaking (at least… at most…)

  • new location on map and new tab in menus for searching for lobbies

  • search parameters for lobbies (road racing only, RWD only, no freeroam, etc)

  • lobby setup sharecodes that will work for all submodes (Solo vs AI, Open PvP, etc)

  • both free-for-all and team options for PvP

Best thing they can add to this game, in my opinion even better than ranked.