Honda S2000 RC, BOTH rear wings are wobbling

Just bought the S2000, first i was surprised that it had no bodykit parts at all anymore,
pretty sad display for an Import Tuner and i know the last Forza game i played had at least the few regular kits, but then i noticed this isn’t even the normal S2000 but an “S2000 RC” with an uuuugly blocky front (and it is the only option)… eeew what happened there! WHY?

Good old S2000
worst facelift ever

Next thing i notice as i start driving, the stock Spoiler starts to vibrate and wobbles around the entire time, i’ve never seen that on any car in the game, i really hope this is a bug and gets fixed because i can’t stop looking at this thing wobbling around, it looks soooo weird.

//edit: correction: it is BOTH rear wings that wobble, not only the stock one but the standard generic Forza spoiler as well! …and there is no option to just not have a spoiler either.

literally unplayable…

Spoiler wobble is not a bug. FM7 has this all all cars that have spoilers, mirrors also wobble, windshield wippers also wobble.

What? Why?
That looks terrible and is distracting to no end.

If they want to make something wobble, how about the rumble in the Gamepad, that rumbles not nearly enough.

//edit: bought a new Mazda MX-5, that one can’t be in the series for too long as its a recent model, no Spoiler wobble there. I got 90+ cars in the game so far, no other car seems to do this.
Maybe you are thinking of the animated spoilers that move when you drive faster in some of the modern super cars and so on… ?

I have also noticed that, to my knowledge, the S2000CR is the only car with rather obvious wing physics. It was present in Motorsport 7 as well. I’ve always kind of enjoyed seeing it wobble around like that, it shows that carbon fiber isn’t completely rigid, but that it has flex. Why it isn’t prevalent on others cars, with even flimsier wings idk, maybe I just haven’t noticed. At the end of the day though, nothing could stop me from driving the S2K, I’ve even had my wing not even load in during a race on FM7, though it didn’t seem to affect my downforce. Also yea, where is my AP1 s2000, I don’t mind the Club Racer, but I’d sure like an F20 back in the game.

Your view should be the drivers view

His view should be whatever he feels comfortable with.

I’m a sim racer and swear by using the most realistic options for any given car, be it stick/paddle/sequential shifting, driver view, realistic driver aids legal for series or what a car comes with in real life etc. But I don’t dictate what others should do. Neither should you.

Have you been living under a rock? lol

The S2000 CR is the version featured in Forza since FM5, I think. No, it doesn’t have custom bumpers. And no, it doesn’t look ugly.

The shaking parts are visual effects.

So, the last Forza game you played, was… the first Forza Horizon?

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Literally ridiculous hyperbole.

The one thing I hate about Horizon games (and now the fact it’s on game pass as well) is all the casuals it brings in. :man_facepalming:t2:

When is the new COD out so that they all go away?


Since when did a wobbly S2000 rear spoiler have the ability to break your copy of the game?

I also find it weird that they opted for the CR variant instead of the timeless look of the actual common S2000s. Is there really no demand for it?

I’d venture a guess and say that it has something to do with licensing.