Honda Prelude 1996-2001

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Honda Prelude (Fifth generation)

This model has appeared in Forza as the:

  • 2000 Honda Prelude Type SH (FM1, FM7-FM)
  • 2000 Honda Prelude SiR (FM2-FM4)


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Which version do you prefer?

  • Pre-facelift (1996-1998)
  • Facelift (1999-2001)
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Which model do you prefer?

  • Standard
  • SiR or equivalent
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The euro Innova version with the 2.2l with 205CV and the 4WS would be cool. And adding a kit to convert it to a type S too.


2000 Honda Prelude Type SH. Was in the OG Forza Motorsport, and returned in FM7 after a long absence. Would be perfect to see it in Horizon sometime.



since day 1 of horizon 5 ive been waiting for the 2000 honda prelude type sh be added from forza motorsport 7 this car is especially cool because of the atts which was first introduced in honda preludes from 1997-2001 paired with a 5 speed manual, h22a4 and alot about this car is that it was made for handling which is where they got “type sh”(super handling)


Prelude VTi-R:

Prelude VTi-R ATTS:


Being as how the SH and SiR were in Motorsport in the past. It’d be nice to add them again to the newer games. By far the prettiest generation of the Prelude.


If you played Forza 2, 3, or 4, then do you remember this?


I sure do!

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I’d like to see this car added into the Horizon series. They added the car as far as Motorsport 7. It could be done & do-able. And if it ever was added, I’d absolutely drive it around

They definitely do need this gen of Prelude in FH5 and FM. It’s definitely a really sick car. Honda knocks it out of the park with cool cars, not gonna lie.

1998 Honda Prelude SiR S Spec

The Japanese domestic market version of the Prelude, mixing the standard trim level interior with the highest trim level engine, resulting in a car both lighter and quicker than any Prelude featured in Forza’s past.


It wasn’t remodelled, more like mirrored to be LHD. It uses incorrect JDM fenders, JDM climate control and is clearly just a mirrored SiR from earlier games. It’s at a quality level I’d associate with FM1.


Turn 10 fooled me bruh, I thought cars returning from FM4 to FM7 are considered Remodeled, but some of them aren’t. Guessing that’s not the case. :skull:

Obviously, the Type SH came from FM1 only, then it returned to FM7 and new Motorsport. FM2-4 only used the JDM SiR model using USDM wipers still.

Can we please come to a agreement that we need to bring the ( 5th Gen Honda Prelude ) in Forza Horizon 5!!?

Personally i absolutely love the 5th generation Honda Prelude. It was my first car!
Mine was a 1997 SE finished in black,
With that amazing H22 Vtec that would just scream!

I know motorsport has introduced this car multiple times now! And i REALLY dont understand if it’s a car that forza in general knows people will keep using in motorsport and so on. Its a great car! And its soo good to the point they brought it into the New motorsport thats been in development for years now! People use and love this car especially myself! Aha! I just Really think its Horizon’s turn
now to have this icon of the car added.

Ive always wanted the 5th gen honda prelude in any horizon game in general… and when the community received the ( 4th ) generation Honda Prelude…
I was so happy to enjoy and own one myself!
But id really love the opportunity one day to see this gem added and get to enjoy it!

Please Forza, hear me out!

All the best!

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Theeres quite a few cars that never get Horizon treatment