Honda Mean Mower 2018-2018

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This has Horizon written all over it :joy:


Maybe not Horizon 5 (Mexico), there’s not enough grass on the map.

There’s grass in the Rally Exp… There’s grass in the Hot Wh…

Still it’s cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The 2018 Mean Mower is actually the V2 Version of this idea, Honda had one previously back in 2012/13 that reached around 116mph but they decided to go even more mental with this one to hit around 150mph. To achieve these aims they partnered with Team Dynamics who are a British Motorsport company most notable for their involvement in the BTCC.

It’s based on the normal Honda HF 2622 Ride-On Mower but upgraded to produce around 200hp due to the addition of a 999cc I4 Engine that was borrowed from one of their CBR1000RR Superbikes.

It has a Redline of well over 13,000rpm and with a mass of under 500lbs it has a Power to Weight Ratio that is scarily close to the Koenigsegg One:1. Due to this insane P2W it has a 0-100mph time of just over 6s but it’s definitely a harrowing experience since it’s actually been kept RWD.

To aid in reaching such high top speeds the Mower has been outfitted with a 6-Speed Sequential Transmission, a Sparco Racing Steering Wheel, the Digital Dash from the CBR and a set of Hoosier Slick Tires.

And then to compound all of this it still has all the functionality that allows it to mow and pickup grass like the normal model albeit with Carbon Fibre Mower Blades to save some extra weight.

The CBR Engine sitting snug under the hood and completed with a High Performance Scorpion Exhaust System

A Close-up of the HUD and Steering Wheel

Here’s some Videos of it in action

Official Honda Top Speed World Record Attempt:

Videos of it at the Goodwood Festival of Speed:

A Motortrend Article detailing their experience with the Mower at a Test Day and some extra photos of it

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Dang bro thats insane

Ever been to Gran Pantano? I hear it’s really nice at this time of the year.

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