Forza Motorsport car list discussion

Did Honda fall out with Forza Motorsport or was it the other way round? The VTEC roster is looking seriously slim, pretty gutted tbh.

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That’s because we’re still waiting for reveal of hot hatches and some cult JDM cars, including NSX, Supra A80, and Skylines. So many Hondas are still expected to come :slight_smile:


Finally, my favorite collectable Vintage Racers confirmed.

Only the 4.5 Liter Blower Bentley remains.


I really hope so. The EG6 Civic surely has to be a shoe in for a comeback, it certainly isn’t short of votes in the most wanted thread, gotta be the most popular Honda there.

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I am wondering wich cars we will getting as post-launch content.

Racing cars of all era’s would be a safe bet.

But I’d like to see some ‘normal cars’ too. Maybe a class filled with small EV’s like the Honda E, Mini Cooper SE (suggested), VW ID.2/ID.GTi (suggested). Stuff that isn’t too crazy or fast.
Some fun/wacky vehicles would be entertaining every now and then, think of the Honda Mean Mower.


Exactly! These cars might be terrible for competitive racing, but will lead to a great couple of races with friends!

And I think that the bloke with the Rover needs a new hobby, they clearly have too much spare time…

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I think that’s what Chris Esaki called “oddballs” and declared these cars have no place in Forza Motorsport anymore (he gave Caddy Limo as an example). I agree with him, that’s what Forza Horizon is for :smiley:



Take all that garbage and shove it in the dumpster that is Horizon. Yuck!

If the car list will be that serious, I expect the game to be on a similar level. If the game will still feel like a simcade this statement will feel so out of place.
I understand that the game shouldn’t focus on ‘dumb’ vehicles, but the occasional oddball is no problem.
I remember playing an older Gran Turismo (don’t know which one) and racing karts over a full circuit. I don’t see a reason why something like this, or an overpowered lawn mower close to an overbuilt kart have no place in the game. Okay the tank engined Rover is too much, I won’t fight you on that.


Wait a sec, an “oddball” meant for track or hill climb is another matter entirely. I’d welcome Renault Espace F1, Ford Supervan 3, or Volkswagen ID.R in Forza Motorsport with open arms :smile:


I am really looking forward to the GT86, GR86 and AE86!
Even though the AE86 model is even worse than the 3D models of the S15 and R32, it doesn’t stop me from waiting for this car…

Likely either GT5 or 6

I find oddball vehicles, no matter how bizarre or wacky they are, still suitable in some way, as they could make for fascinating and entertaining one-make races (e.g. one-make races with the Toyota ambulance in Gran Turismo 7). And even then, that’s still the core theme of Motorsport.

If you can dream it or imagine it, you can race it.


Luckily, they seem to have realized that some vehicles like SUVs, vans, limos and pick ups are no fun at all on a circuit. Horizon is the right place to guide them, so let’s leave them where they are, thanks

Tbf the Aygo was great in mulitiplayer on previous Motorsports in the lower classes. Be great to see the Crazy in the game, proper track toy & the wide body looks great. Would love to stick a livery on this.

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There is another post with list of cars on Twitter but it’s actually just recycled content from August - with vintage Le Mans racers and such :slight_smile:

The Supervan 3 would be cool in private lobbies. Used to love racing the og Transit on FM4, had some great battles with friends in those.


Van racing should have the same standing as tractor truck racing.

I don’t think 4/5 ‘oddball’ cars would be a problem in an ocean of several hundred serious cars as long as their PI was reigned in. An ‘oddball’ car would be (for me) a London taxi or something like that.

The Ferrari 458 Italia has to make the final list right? I’m still bummed the F12 berlinetta never made FH5, hoping that is in new motorsport too.