Right, I’ve tried my absolute best to keep up with everything Forza 6 but I’ve probably missed a few things. Has there been any word on a potential return of the changeable homespace, like Forza 4 had?

Only a small part of the game but one I missed from FM5.

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Unfortunately there has been no news on this yet though I hope something similar comes in. I liked being able to change the background and I felt it kept the game feeling fresh and new to a certain extent. What I would like is a changeable homespace like in forza 4 but with forzavista available on every Location.

Me too. I really got a kick out of seeing my cars parked on the Top Gear set.


No news as of yet, probably something we won’t see revealed until after Gamescom if it’s in the game at all.

Right now a reasonable guess would be to consider the “Forza Garage” as your homespace, as nothing else has been revealed so far:

at least that’s better than the strange office-type thing of FM5

I dunno, if I were a billionaire, my garage just might look like that.

Ha, I’d just replicate a race track garage if I could

I miss the Top Gear Studio homespace :(.

PGR4 had a nice homespace. I hope FM6 has something similar to that.

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For how big of a feature they’re making AutoVista into, it would be very odd if they chose not to let us change the home space.

Sure, in FM5 they had to prioritise more important content, but here’s hoping we see it this time around.

There are at least two homespaces in FM6…

(seen at the beginning of demo footage shown by Gamersyde et al, and Forza Garage images:)


Well, that’s definitely a chip of good news! :smiley:

Can we get a link to that video with the Rio homespace though?

YES! It does look like they will have selectable homespaces then. I’m sure there will be one from Top Gear too.

This is awesome, like others already stated being able to switch the homespace’s helped the game feel fresh and different. Hopefully they have quite a few to choose from… FM6 is going to be a damn good game!

this is good news

There should be one in the rain at least!!

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Just throwing this out there…any news or even a hint of new garages? I liked having the option of the four in F4. The two we have are getting a bit stale.

The lighting in both is garbage as well. At least FM4 had 1 outdoors with no roof blocking out most of the sunlight. What’s the point of the Photo Mode in ForzaVista if both locations are crappy places to take pictures?

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure Homespaces are fairly low on T10’s priority list.


True…but why even include it as an option if you aren’t going to develop any content for it?

The lighting in both homespaces really bothers me. The pit garage is so dark and dingy, and the Rio one is all shadows. It is a small thing, but I miss the variety of FM4’s spaces.