[HLC] - Forza Time Attack' first 2 HLC's are open now!

Hello everyone,

so a short while ago I decide to take the Forza Time Attack a bit further and open up a forum for it, hence why I haven’t been here much. The forum itself is still largely in its infancy and I am still developing certain sections but what I wanted to say is that we have opened up our first 2 HLC’s. Click on the links below to check them out.

NOTE: These are Time Attack oriented HLC’s and subsequently not designed to be ramping you up the top of the FM leaderboards. They’re all about the cars from the world of Time Attack.

HLC #1 - Cyber Evo
HLC #2 - Gobstopper

Sign up to the site if you want. There’s plenty of exciting things to come on the site and we will be running the site for FM6 as well.


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