Time Attack on FM5

About a week ago I created a Forza Time Attack event. It didn’t go as expected as in nobody signed up.

I’ve taken the thread down now anyway but still want to do that kind of racing so may set it back up. Maybe it was too complicated but I was just trying to replicate a true sense of time attack, I don’t know.

I asked a while ago if turn 10 would make this kind of game and I guess in a way they were right by saying, in short, that FM5 can do that.

I know how a Time Attack event could work now but is anyone actually interested in that kind of thing.

My rules were to pick any car from D, C, B and upgrade with no limits other than it had to be turbo or natural aspirated as most time attack cars are that and AWD as most pro class uk time attack cars are that as well plus AWD would bring the field closer together so would make for better closer racing. There would 4 sessions, 2 practice, 2 timed, with setup breaks to improve the car. All in all each round was gonna last about 1 hour 30. In each timed session everyone is on track together trying to secure the ultimate lap. Traffic is part of time attack racing.

I want to hear the communities thoughts and if anyone thinks it would be worth trying to set this back up?



on what day? i am out of town the most of time and i know that most of the people are done with fm5… but it sounds interesting.

If I were to do it would have to be weekends in the evening. I see you online then quite often around that time anyway sch1wo so maybe you could do it.

If I can get a few people together then try do one round of it then see from there whether or not I should do a championship. If it’s a success then I’ll do one.

If anyone wants to just try it then add me on Xbox live and drop me a message just saying you’ve added me for this so I know. Or say here

I’ve completely simplified the information for Forza time attack.

here’s the page
Forza Time Attack

If you want to compete then sign up