HKS lancer evo

why cant the wings be adjust with this car, they are greyed out.


Stock wings are not adjustable.

i know but u cant update it … so whats the point , where can it be used ?


Can’t be updated, as in there are no upgrade options? Sorry, it’s been ages since I used the HKS so I can’t remember what upgrades are available.

Even so, the car has huge downforce in it’s stock form (it is a Time Attack car) so it should be quite good without any aero upgrades. I think I still have an HKS tune up on my FM4 storefront that netted me some good results on short tracks like Tsukuba if you want to check it out.

AND… something else I noticed with the HKS Evo. Driving from inside the cockpit, the gauges don’t work as in other cars (my RPM gauge doesn’t work). No biggie really, just a glitch I observed.