Car Tuning - Can't tune my car?

EDIT: I could not figure out how to Delete my post, so please ignore this question, I figure it out, only some items are changeable…bummer :o\

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I just finished the introduction series and am starting my first race in the actual game racing in the Super Street Volume, buying a new car and all. I am practicing and want to tune my car. I am trying to make changes to the setup to my Aero downforce settings and the cyan colored Sliders will not move, I cannot make any changes at all. Is this normal or ? Do you have to reach a higher level to be able to tune your car?

It’s not that only some items are changeable. It depends on what mods you install on the car. Most stock parts will not allow modifications. For example, if you want to modify aero, you need to install either the Forza wing or the Forza front bumper upgrade (both of those are adjustable).

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Every slider is adjustable in the tuning screen if you install the race parts.

Race Brakes, Race Springs & Dampers, Race ARB’s (front & back), Race Transmission, Race Diff, Forza Aero (front and back).

Some cars do have adjustable parts as standard too.

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THANKS for the replies and help! Much appreciated.