Highest top speed

Can anyone tell me the actual highest top speed you can reach in a tuned car without speed glitch and which car can reach that speed?

XX Evo without speed glitch works pretty good. Jaguar D-type is pretty fast too but slower. Stock Agera RS is a beast and with tuning even better but it’s fast car overall. So I should start with highway Evo XX and you will see. Something around 475 but I didn’t test it recently.

Thanks I’ll have to spend around 10 mil to get the evo xx back should be worth it

Sure, it’s pretty OP car in X class. Sad is many ppl use speed glitch so you never know what is normal tuning status. I use it normally and it’s a beast but speed traps over 440 km/h are too much for normal tuning, you can’t beat it.

X-class just a normal build and tune, 298 is the fastest speed I have seen in my 599XX Evo. The big highway speed zone you’ll scrub a few mph’s in the last curve to the left and end up just under 296 mph.