Hi all, Back form the dead, anyone fancy a drift?

Hi all,

I have neglected the fm forums for a while, as you can imagine, and I also found myself on DIS, (Doing it sideways) ]

I have hardly anyone to drift with, if you would be so kind to drop me an invite, I would gladly drift with you.

GT: DIS Stuey

:slight_smile: Peace xx

fancy a drift comp position every saturday at 9pm Uk time?

I guess

I guess

I’m always up for a drift, my GT: JAH021197

:smiley: then message cov killa91mob… and invite your friends he’ll brief you on everything you need to know

You know I’m always down to drift, Stu!
Been in a few good lobbies recently as well.

Welcome back Stuey, Good to see back, ill be down to drift with you whenever im on.