hi could someone help me with a bit of advise please i have been a 360 owner for years , ihave just purchased the one with forza 2 i had the game for the 360 but ihave recently started to play online quite a lot of drag racingbut for some reason i’m getting my arse kicked big time,i have upgraded my cars to the fastest settings but it is still no goodiam getting batterd by everyone i cant compete with anyone on a drag race and my cars are not slow, ihave noticed a tuning section will that help??? I would’nt know were to startthanks for taking the time to read thisany help will be greatfully receivd thanks paul;-)

You cannot tune on the 360 version of the game. Sorry.

Yes, the tuning section is where you can adjust your gear ratios, spring rates, dampening, differential, downforce, etc. It can help greatly… or hurt if you’re not sure what you’re doing. You can also search and download tunes that others have created. I would suggest this route if you’re unsure of what to do. But once again… searching through tunes… you may find good ones… or bad ones as well. I have a lot of available tunes… but not drag tunes. I’m more of a road racer.

Hope this helps.


Car choice is critical in drags too.

You cant tune a car on the XB360 version.

He is on the One. His post says he just got the game on the One.

My bad. The first time I read that I read it as he recently got the one with FH2 - as in the Xbox 360 with FH2. Ooops.

In the showdown meets, definitely try looking or a lower class car. If you’re a good driver you will do fine. The lower class cars start earlier and if you race clean and don’t miss checkpoints, the super high end cars won’t be able to catch you before you cross the line anyways. I’ve seen C-Class to be fairly popular in Showdown meets, though I myself often use B or A as well.

SNE is correct. Car choice is critical. Pay attention to the cars that are beating you and get them. You’ll notice a lot of the cars that are beating you are in lower classes. As you are in a car meet they will get a head start and negate your max upgraded car.

Try the barn find Jag in B class.