Help with Horizon Rally Achievement

I’ve got one last achievement that I need for Forza Horizon:

Win 10 Horizon Rally stages in online multiplayer.

Does anyone else need help with this one or would like to help me get it? Seems like Online Rally is a ghost town now. lol

Message me or add me. Thank you!

I have it but I am more than happy to help you get it too. I shall add you now!!

I appreciate the help and I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! Business at work has actually picked up recently so I’ve been staying later and passing out as soon as I get home. lol I’ll try to get on soon this week if you are still willing to help me. :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll still help! that goes for anyone else still needing this achievement. Just ask me…

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Just wanted to say Thank you again for helping me.

If anyone else needs this achievement feel free to post in here and I’d be happy to help as well. :slight_smile:

I send you a friend request…hope you can help!

Caldaista, did you get it? let me know if you still need it and I’ll do my best to help you. Same goes for anybody else…

Oh, and again, you’re welcome LinkinMustang, glad I could be of help to someone…

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Caldaista, if you still need help, I have Horizon again so I’m more than happy to help you if you still need the achievement…

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Can anyone help with this achievement?
I am not online that often but would be 19:30 - 20:00 week days or 5:30am -07:30am weekends! GMT

Can anyone help?

I can, I’ll try and get on when you are…

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Anyone still playing on Horizon who can help me out getting the Ghostbuster and also the wheelin’ n dealin’ achievements? GT is Fully1988 I’d appreciate any help and could help anyone else who needs it

I cannot remember what the "wheelin’ n dealin’ " achievement is but I’ll help with the rally for sure. Let me check what the “wheelin’ n dealin’” is… In theory, I should’ve looked before I began to type! I’ll buy something from your storefront now.

Would love some help knocking out this achievement. This and the Online Free Roam are the last two I need. I thought the Rallying pack was one of the best things about Horizon and it is surprising no one is ever online. Did the Rally DLC not sell well?

number242 I need the same two achievements as you, send me a message n we’ll get these done


I need the Ghostbuster, cruise club and wheelin ‘n dealin’ achievement. Who wants to help me with it? Of course i Will return the favours if needed.

I live in the Netherlands and have plenty of time.

I’ll do the “wheelin’ n dealin’ achievement” when I next go on my 360 and if no one else has helped you with the rally achievement, I will do that too.

Great! Thanks!

I have made a couple (simple) designs and put them up for 1.000 CR.

Bought design from you… I sent you a message through xbox live.

I’ve been racing on the Rally a lot lately and sometime would like to unlock the ghostbuster achievement. If anyone is interested in adding me as a friend to rally with I’m game. Right now I’m free during the day, may change soon. Looking forward to rally!

I would love a hand to get this achievement. Thanks