Help with Ferrari 599 Evo XX tune

Good Morning,

A few weeks ago I managed to accidentally delete my favourite Ferrari 599 EVo XX tune. All I know is, it was from 2018 topped out at just under 300 mp/h straight ( just over down to M62 sped camera ) and was X-Class. Tried numerous other tunes and to find this tune again to no avail.

So what I’m after now is a tune where the arse end does not constantly make contact with the road and in cockpit view ( very important ) the dash is not so high up that you can’t see the ondulations of the road in corners, most tunes seem to somehow have the rear dampers far too low and the front sticking up like you constantly going up hill. It also has to be a X-class tune.

I would very much appreciate it if someone could direct me to one such tune.

I did the same as you, at the same time as well. I changed it for that lake ramp, and couldn’t find the one I started with.

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I shared the tune I use on mine if it helps until you find the one you were using. It’s X, awd between 290 and 295 at that speed trap and sits level, factory wheels, downforce at min.

Edit: I can make changes to it based on your feedback or pass my settings to you for the base of your own tune too. Testing it without traffic was 297mph before the turn.


That’s a good tune, better than my old one!

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Thank you so much, have tried the tune and it’s remarkably close to the original I used, which by the way must have been from 2019 as I believe the 599 XX Evo wasn’t even in the game in 2018 yet.
Anyway, I’m very happy with your tune, sits very nicely on the road, immensely driveable and a quick test run on Juggernaut it was a tenth slower than the tune I deleted, top speed maybe 2-3 mp/h slower, what I was after is overall performance though and it feels to me like nigh perfection, so again thank you very much, happy to keep this one on the car forever unless I make another silly mistake,
but I have now painted my second 599 XX Evo white.

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback! There were so many tunes for it so mine wasn’t shared.

Thank you also AquaPainter!

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OMG your most recent tune (2021 july 13 i believe, share code is 171128503) is amazing.
I didn’t have time yet to really get into it but a quick test and a few minutes of roaming around blew my mind. I just got the 599XX E, and the stock tune was also very good compared to what I’m used to, but the handling is mind boggling even at breakneck speeds.

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I have one that puts me at 305 at the speed trap if you are interested. I have a few tunes for the 599 XX Evo so I’ll have to see if I saved this one or not. But I’ll share and post it later when I check. I’ve heard reports of getting up to 320 but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m happy it’s worked out for you. The Ferrari is lots of fun.