Help With BAN

Sometime back like 6-8 weeks I tried to play online, however I was unable to due to the fact what I was banned. No I know Im a legit player and Ive seen people mod onlime but I dont know how to do that nor do I want to… SOOOO im wondering why am I banned from Online Feature and The Storefront? Please reply as soon as possible and thank you
Oh yeah i also read on like some forums and rules that first offense would be a temporary ban… Well whatever I was banned for still didnt go away

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Legitimate players don’t illegally alter the cars to “glow” in violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, including but not limited to:

"Don’t cheat or tamper. For example, don’t:

Use unauthorized hardware or software
Exploit game vulnerabilities or glitches
Make unauthorized modifications to your account profile or its contents (e.g., tenure, Avatar, game saves, Gamerscore, achievements)
Intentionally play with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods"

Such illegal tampering with the developers’ intended functions in the livery editor are not only against the regulations, but circumvent the protection measures of the software and will not be tolerated. You may send an email to

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