Help me out please

I just got Forza Motorsport 3 again. I have the Ultimate Collection Edition. (Sadly the VIP content is gone on this game. I don’t have it.)

I’m trying to get this one last achievement called “The Entrepreneur” (Sell a Tuning Setup, Design or Vinyl Group from your storefront. I would like someone to buy my Tuning Setup or Design for 1,000 FM3 Money so I can get the achievement please. (Just go to buy Turning Setups and search for “PLEASE BUY” and you’ll see my gamertag on the creator of the time. Phantom The Fox)

If anyone else that would like to help. If you have any unwanted FM3 money that’s alot, can you spare and donate some of your millions of dollars please?

I would appreciate this very much. Message me on my Xbox Live camera if you can. Thank you.

I had buy your Tuning Setup to day.