Help (I am a VIP Member, but have not purchased it)

I am a VIP Member I received the June VIP car as well as spin benefits. I have not purchased a VIP membership. I’m requesting if possible for my VIP Membership to be removed. Thanks

Did you buy the digital version of the game and, if so, are you sure you didn’t buy a version that included it with the purchase?

I have the basic edition in physical form. No DLC attached to my save either. I don’t even have a payment option on my account at the moment.

And do you still have VIP status as of today?

Yes I am still a VIP & I know it sounds weird but I didn’t pay for it. So I don’t deserve the crown or the benefits.

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why would you want it removed, seems a bit odd

It’s a valid question, but I respect his integrity.

I don’t think anyone will be able to help me issue. Can I request please that this post get deleted? Thanks

Eventually the thread will sink into the forum’s ether. Until then, I give you a virtual pat on the back for being an honest individual. At some point, if you indeed are not due VIP credentials, the server may recognize this and adjust it accordingly; so, don’t be surprised it goes away after awhile.

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Your console seems to have numerous gamertags associated with it, is it possible that someone else has accidentally redeemed a VIP code whilst logged into your gamertag?

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I am sure that didn’t happen. My account has no purchases, and the other accounts are either mine or in my family. None of them have vip purchased. I am sure that it is not shared to my account. Thanks for the reply!

I’ve got the v.i.p-crown in my name on FH2 and i get 2x multiplied things but i don’t get the car’s…