Heavy Metal Affliction - The First HMA, 1968 Camaro SS

Today we are bringing back an HMA classic. The first HMA ever. We now have more than 125 HMA stories from the community and other sources published.

This HMA spells out why we decided to do the series and what Heavy Metal Affliction means.

Not to mention the story of Dalton Carter and his grandfather rebuilding this super hot piece of American muscle.


I enjoyed reading that again!

“Heavy Metal Affliction can be defined as: the enduring need and passion to seek, purchase, and fix-up cars that speak to us, without regard for investment value or resale.”

That tag line at the beginning says it all. I always have a soft spot for HMA, aside from the obvious reasons of loving cars, and obviously having HMA myself (I got a fever for HMA!)
The soft spot is because its how I met you, and the first of your many Forza and Community writings of yours that I read, for which I have became a big fan of.

Your stories of HMA, convinced me to contact you that first time to talk with you about my own story!
Your HMA stories led to my reading every week your WIR, RVM and new DLC posts as well as those zany ‘clue thread’ posts (which I utterly sucked at guessing correctly!)

Your HMA stories were the start of our friendship and the start of my being a ‘Johniwanna’ Reading Enthusiast!

Thank you for re-sharing this story! Keep on keeping on!

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How do we go about applying for our car to be in HMA? I have a 2014 Camaro ZL1 and live in Seattle. I would really like to apply to tell my story On how Thunder and I ended up together.

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Beautiful car, great story.

I didn´t know exactly what HMA meant…

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