Having problems with tuning (new)

I am new to the tuning/drifting aspect of Forza. I have drifted some since Forza 5 but usually just downloaded a bunch of community setups and found one I liked.
I am trying to work on 2 cars atm and trying to learn on the way
I have a 1997 Skyline and a 240sx I am trying to make work well for me.
My main problem is low angle drifting. I can’t seem to drift a low angle for very long unless I entered with a lot of speed or are flooring the throttle where I don’t have much control. and even then I cant do it for long or can control it.

What happens with the 240 is I enter the drift but I snap back to straight and understeer.
I can drift better in the Skyline but can’t hold a low angle.
I have fiddled and searched around and tried to fix it but I can’t seem to find a solution.

624 hp
407 LB-FT

594 hp
478 LB-FT

If I need to add anything else please let me know.


[NOTE: This assumes you’ve correctly chosen upgrades]

Lower your Rear Spring Rate, (Front should be higher than Rear)
Ensure your tires are at Temp (32F) mid-drift, ( 27, 24 is usually good)
Confirm your Camber. (-3.5, -0.5 is usually good)
Toe. (0.5 is a good starting point, work your way up until good, Keep rear at 0 until your good with everything else)
Caster settings are adequate for drifting. (Caster should be set @ 7)
Confirm your ride height is not all the way down. (Front slightly higher than Rear)
Confirm DIFF settings are drift approved. (85, 85 is usually good)

So these one at a time, drift a few laps, then make changes if necessary.

Also, Gearing is crucial to being successful, but is a car to car basis.

Use this as a starting point, develop your own style, and have fun.

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First time commenting on these forums and it’s thanks to you! I stole the setup and it works a dream thanks mate :slight_smile:

Use everything the above said and make sure you use race everything on handling and drivetrain. For tires, it depends on the power and preference. I like to use sport tires with 235 front and 265-275 rear with 18-20" wheels. But again, with wheels it is all about what works for you so just experiment with it.