Haven't been able to play multiplayer for 2weeks..

Hey I haven’t been able to play multiplayer for 2weeks plus or anything 2 do with online i haven’t been banned Iv got no msgs say anything bout it at all. All my other games work on multiplayer but fm7 I tried everything for hard resets to reinstalling game and it just keeps telling me to check forza Motorsport for more info.If issues is not resolved soon I would like a refund of $140 cause that’s what Iv payed for it. Iv been a forza fan since the first ever forza Motorsport.
I don’t see how turn 10 can release a game that has so manny problems… plz get back to me asap about the problem (Xbox)


I’d prefer to keep forza n would like it fixed so can you tell me why I carnt get on multiplayer?

Click start then Configurations (the cog above the shutdown button), then Games. On the left, click on Xbox Network see if the status there is ok first (i think the last thing on the list is the most important one). Check if it says “Server Connectivity Connected” on the bottom.
I had a problem with this about 2-3 weeks ago too, windows fall update disabled something and my computer couldn’t connect to xbox network.
Also my windows is in Portuguese, so the names of stuff might not be exactly like this.

Edit: I didn’t notice your problem was on Xbox at first so this is all useless… do you get any error code with the message or only the text telling you to check the site?

I only get a txt saying check the site. But there’s nothing on hear or no one from turn 10 will reply… this isn’t only happens to me I know a few people that it’s happen to so it dose need a fix Asap.

You get a text from Turn 10? On your phone?

This is happening to me at the moment, I’ve emailed forza directly and I haven’t had a reply…I can understand that they have a busy job and a lot of questions to answer, but we just want to know a solution to the problem.

Can I ask what message you get when you try and access multiplayer?

hi have the same problim no bann message but cant get anny think to do with on line forza says cheek this site but no info on here use to work all good forzathon still says comeing soon

I’ve also been experiencing the very same problem since the beginning of October and nothing has been done about it, these forza developers are really messing with us…
Esp for us ultimate edition owners!!!:rage:

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