Has anyone else given up on FH5 for the time being?

This will probably get deleted but oh well.

I’m generally curious if Playground Games is just being lazy by dishing out fixes, whilst simultaneously not testing those fixes to see if they screw us over.

Sure, players were disappearing before the fixes in the open world, but now (as we all know) they are just completely gone.

I do play this game to interact with other players in playlists, and outside in the open world.

I consider myself lucky by not experiencing the other game breaking freezes/glitches like other people are experiencing on PC/Console.


It has been difficult to keep my attention on this game with all the issues and preventable bugs and failures!!!


Sadly no, still 10/10 here.

With some bad luck there will be some kind of fix tomorrow as a news message ingame mentioned today, as I am logging in to try the daily challenge.

Yep. It’s one of my favourite games and I dont play it. Because the current state is literally ruining the whole experience. I’m only doing the season things and log off. I hope to experience the game when they fix it and still have a bit of novelty left.

This game is like an undercooked pizza.


I really enjoy the game too - but I’m the same, the current state of it really drains that joy almost immediately.

I’ve completed (weeks ago now) all the solo/single-player content aside from accolades and photographing cars, so the gameplay loop now for me would cycle around:

  • completing the car collection
  • tuning cars & just mindlessly driving around having fun
  • completing accolades
  • completing playlist objectives
  • some multiplayer

Accolades are broken, playlists are broken, online connectivity is unreliable.
Even if I was just satisfied doing my own thing, slowly earning money, collecting cars, etc I can’t just do that.
The game seems to have developed some kind of terminal corruption. As time has gone on it’s just got harder to actually get it to run.
2 days ago I had time to play. 40 times I launched the game, three times I got past the loading sequences to the home, twice I actually got to drive around.
40 starts and 2 successful gaming sessions (and success is relative considering the number of things that bugged out once I started trying to achieve anything).
Yesterday was much the same.
Can I be bothered today? I want to say ‘yes’ but the answer is probably ‘no’.

edit: I see now there is a patch. Fingers crossed.

Still playing for now, as I build out my stable of personally optimal cars for every class and event surface.

Once that is done I’ll play far less frequently, hosting my weekly sessions.

When the Expansions release and new Achievements are added, I’ll be more active.

yeah, i’m taking my time building cars, doing some rivals. chasing your ghost is fun! zero interest in any other game features or modes

I’m away for the holidays 10th-20th so that means there’s several cars and in game things I am unable to attain until who knows when again. Made me realize I just don’t care for the game anymore if you can’t take a week vacation and miss out on time locked exclusive cars, the SVJ was a top 5 wishlist for me. With all the frustration from the first month of the game anyways, tons of bugs, silence from PGG, I don’t see myself jumping back into this when I’m back, I have other games.

They have burnt through a ton of goodwill and I see them permanently losing some customers over these frustrations. I’m almost tempted to go out of my way to tell my car friends NOT to get this game if they’re interested. I definitely feel ripped off paying $100. They would be in huge trouble if a rival quality open world car game was released.

Have they fixed the paddle shift animation? Present in every game prior to new “most powerful console” and yet they remove simple immersive things like having the paddle shifters move when shifting. Kind of sums it up for me, lack of quality or care.


I’ve given up on it permanently, it just isn’t very good.


I’m staring at the door. Seasonal stuff and eliminator only, but the more I play eliminator the more it infuriates me. The cars they have available in this mode are absolutely dumb. How is the level 1 bug faster than the level 4 mini? I played Avengers during my 3 month break, probably gonna start playing that again.


Doing Rivals, seasonal events, tuning, and vinyls.

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after i’ve finished almost anything in single player, i just take time to make some liveries and very little else… but yes… i don’t " play " as much as it was in the first time to finish it… still not my piece of cake the horizon series, im waiting the next forza motorsport

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Got no reason to give up on it. I don’t care about PvP and I’m not obsessed with getting 100% every season. So for me it’s been doing what it needs to well enough.


Well, tell us the same two months from now lol, when you are completely BORED of it. I dont care about pvp at all, but online playlist and other online things are NECESSARY if you want to keep the entertainment up. Happened with FH3, happened with FH4 and happens with FH5. Because the playlist is basically the core “feature” of the game.

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It’s a sandbox game and Playlist is just some guide.



The Playlist is a distraction to some of us, we might like to do rivals or paint or tune or even just re-run races to get credits to collect cars. There is still fair bit to do outside of what you see as the key feature.

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I have realistic expectations - I don’t expect any game to hold my rapt attention for months. That said, the seasonal events have kept me playing more than I would’ve - one doesn’t need to 100% them to get extra mileage out of them, after all. There are cars attached this month that I’m after. Maybe not as much next month. And then I’ll probably be distracted by Wonderlands. But this game will remain installed and I’ll undoubtedly continue to pick at it from time to time.

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I’m done with FH5 for the foreseeable future. Played it for a month on a $1 gamepass promo and finished nearly all the SP content (3 starred every story chapter and PR stunt, won every race, got most of the bonus boards) so now the only thing really left are the weekly events and to reacquire most of the same cars I’ve already bought/won in FH3 and FH4. I did those religiously in FH3 and FH4 and I’m just done with that grind and trying to get all the exclusive cars, felt way too much like a job and I was resenting the game and the devs most of the time as I was doing them. Don’t need to continue to play and give the devs their precious metrics for game “features” I don’t even like.

Maybe I’ll pick up FH5 in a year or so once we have a deep discount and at least one expansion, and the devs have had some time to actually finish the game and fix some bugs and maybe even learn a bit of common decency in not locking away so many cars and following Turn10’s example from FM7 and unlocking them for everyone.

Speaking of which, I’ll probably be going back to FM7 to fill my racing needs in the meantime. That’s what my friends are still playing, none of them are still bothering with any of the Horizon games.