Hard to Find cars on the autoshow (With a week only time limit)

My personal problem with currency system and modded rare cars

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I heard about stories of the people using modding tools for rare cars selling them and getting banned and people that haven’t use any cheating tools in a long time and still getting ban. To be fair ban the account not the device its stupid.

If you worried about rare cars being modded via by modding tools here a idea you the developers why not put the rarest cars even cars like the Ford Coupe FE on the autoshow for like a week temporarily like two cars a week something like that will at least slow down the modded rare cars in the auction house plus I think people use snipe bots to buy cars as well. I think well also encourage to change the minds of player because there’s a rare hard to find cars on the autoshow.

I forgot also add on the Forzathon shop too as well.