Happy One Year Anniversary

Well I recall it was exactly one year ago that I had my first open-world racing experience as I was new to the whole Xbox gaming console fad. I recall driving from Castelletto to Sisteron and was amazed by the whole expressway riding rush. Truly this is the best open world racing and roaming game ever. But in just under nine months from now, we’ll turn out attention afresh to the possibilities of a new Forza Horizon, and who knows exactly what that vista will be comprised of. I know it will be grand, I know we’ll see night time reflections and head lamps as we have now in FM6, I know the sound track will be marvelous and I know that landscape will be much improved with puddles to splash through while racing and the missing cows from the intro advert. There is a sign post ahead, the next stop, Forza Horizon Unleashed!!!