Halo Cars Glitch/Bug!

Alright so I have the messages for the two Halo 5 Cars and the say “Yes” for reading them, but I do not have them, and they will not download from the Message Center when pressing the “A” button that corresponds to downloading things from the message center. They do not show in my Garage or the Car Shop. Not really sure what is going on here but this is not fun or enjoyable.

hard reset your console then try to get them from the message again
i had a simlar issue where it wouldnt recognise my profile

Select each item. They need to be downloaded, they’re not automatically loaded without actually clicking on them.

No need to reset the console, and it is not a glitch or bug.

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i thought he might have had a similar issue to what i had…you would click on the message and a popup appeared saying “profile is not recognized by the server”
the message would stay there…after a hard reset if worked fine

not sure if he had actually clicked on them though…doesnt say if he did or not…but i think clicking on them is a pretty obvious thing to do…or should be

Also, this would be a “Glitch/Bug” if you actually do what your supposed to do to receive items or receive the error another user mentioned. When something does not work within and game or program after doing what is required to get something within a program or game it is known and referred to as a glitch/bug or even an error. So where as I have done all that is required to receive these two items within the game and nothing happens I’m pretty sure that would be a gltich/bug.

Alright, first off I’ve done both of what you two suggested, a hard reset, and clicked on the messages. I think what you do not seem to understand here is simple. I press the “A” button on each message which is supposed to cause them to download and nothing happens. This is after a restart of the game, a hard reboot and even a full re-install of the game and nothing happens still.

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To OP, hey mate, I got mine today, 2 notices in my ‘Messages’ section. Then simply went to available cars - found the two Fords and downloaded them from there, it’s what I now normally do, seems to always work best that way, for me.

I also upgraded them both to their appropriate maximum PI of B & A classes respectively. Word of warning though, don’t just do a Quick Auto-Upgrade, do the upgrade yourself. It’s always best to do the upgrades yourself, as the Auto-Upgrade seems to focus more on the heavier horsepower side of the PI, rather than find a happier medium between HP and Handling etc.

A little hint, with the B Class 'stang, change the engine, which drops your PI, but allows you to add the supercharger upgrades, get some bigger tyres on and boost the suspension and engine without breaking the PI bank.

It seems that with all freebie cars where you get messages, it’s best to simply look for the cars in the appropriate Buy Cars section, you’ll see them there for free, then just download them.

Alternatively, you will have noticed the several Rivals at Road America and Daytona which arrived in your Rivals section which are for the two Halo inspired 'Stangs. Select the appropriate Rival, and you’ll be directed to download the vehicles. But they’ll be ‘Stock’ not improved to maximum PI which is what’s need to be competitive etc.

Then just have some good old fashion fun with both.

Sorry. I believe the post above may be correct. Hard to tell here because some people are running the public release of the Xbox One dashboard, others are in the New Xbox One Experience beta (a pain, but it is getting there and has a new release solving some issues on Saturday, October 31), and there are variations off each.

If you get a “Download stopped” message (beta stuff), do the full console reset, including removing the wall connection to the external power pack, and then restart after the power pack is void of power. Restarting initiates the download automatically, no matter which game was involved when you sign back into Live. It may be quick, and go unnoticed at the bottom of the screen. Some of these errors are not FM6, but related to the beta software some people are testing.

And, if you have the VIP package, you would receive two different Mustangs (different designs, different tunes). Everyone receives the Halo 5 launch car itself, but not both like the VIP.

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Thanks for the clarification Snow, most appreciated. I presume the earlier beta testers will have their whole software updated in due course. It must be very frustrating for those suffering ongoing issues etc.

Eventually it will all work properly, but Forza Motorsport 6 isn’t the only game being affected - even the newly released Halo 5 players have issues, Destiny is on the list, and so is GTA V, Limbo, Pool Nation FX, etc., etc. Multiplayer connections, chat (and variations), downloads, networking, etc. The problem is the popular first choice is to blame whatever game you’re in at the time. LOL!

Unfortunately the only way to do an Xbox Live beta is with “live” machines. BETA = Breaks Every Time Always.

Hi Snowowl. I’ve posted in another thread but I repeat here. I did download all 3 cars (am VIP), but got a message saying there was a problem downloading. I did find the Halo Shelby in my Garage though, but not the other two. Problem now is that the T10 message prompting the downloads are gone too, so I cannot try downloading again. Did a hard reset afterwards and looked in the download que, but seems like they are gone. Any suggestions please.

Are you running the New Xbox One Experience beta?

No, still running the original public released version. Thanks.

Snowowl, I’ve sent you a PM.

Not sure if this is the correct thread, but i never did get a download for the bash car. I did get both Halo cars, never have seen the bash car in the gift messages.


Since this is your first post on these forums, you probably didn’t enter the Halloween Bash contests? To receive the car, an entry was necessary.

My problem with downloading the Halo cars remain unchanged. After I received the Halo Mustang and Gt40 again from T10, I tried to download them, but got the same message again (download failed, try later). On return later, the message was also gone, so no further attempt to download was possible. I did however keep the Halo 5 Mustang message in fear of loosing that too.

The following might be of importance

Downloads done by reading and then clicking message to download.

I have the hard disk copy of the game

Connected via cable

Run game from internal XB drive

#Use the original public released dashboard

XBox on power save mode. Did try instant on mode, but no difference

I am VIP so 2 Halo cars involved. Got the Halo Shelby in my garage, although that download also “failed”

Network - NAT open, Download and Upload within XB prescribed limits for FM6. Latency almost double the prescribed limit though. This did not prevent design downloads in the past though.

Last 10 days I cannot download any designs from the sharefront, but can download tunes and upload photos

Cannot run MP or League, but it’s like that since launch. Latency perhaps.

EDIT : Did download the latest game update earlier today, but did not check ability to run MP or Leagues yet. No difference to downloading designs though.

Thats all I can think of. Wanna download the Halo Mustang now, but fear that it will disappear too. AND got no idea what to do with the failure to download designs from the sharefront.

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks


Just an update to my previous message above.

I can now for the first time since launch race in MP and experienced no lag etc. Was disconnected in the first race when crossing the SF line at the start of the race, but the next races I had no issues.

I downloaded the free Nissan from the Marketplace last night and it downloaded in a few seconds.

After that I downloaded the Halo Mustang again, but as before it failed and the message is gone too. So I have now lost the Bash GT40 and the Halo Mustang, AGAIN.

Saw a gift car F100 in my message box this morning, but fear I will loose that too if I attempt to download that with my current status. Would really appreciate some advice/assistance.