Halloween Bash 2015 for Forza Motorsport 6

Welcome to the Forza Motorsport 6 “Halloween Bash”!
This event is for Forza Motorsport 6 on the Xbox One.

You may enter both the Halloween Bash and the Weekly FM6 Livery contest with the same livery which will be running at the same time as the Bash. (HINT: The concurrent Weekly Livery Contest will have a Halloween theme that week. Here is your chance to get prepared.)

The Halloween Bash is open to all skill levels. The key is that you participate.

*Please read the rules.
Please make sure your post follows the Rules of the Contest.

Special Halloween Bash car painted by “Little Vixen” to celebrate the Halloween Bash – Qualified participants will receive the car which means you need to be sure you follow the rules and have your entry up by the correct date. If you don’t provide your correct GT and the requested information, and share your entry in game, you may be disqualified. If you change your GT after you have posted your entry, and you have not clearly informed me via the Halloween Bash thread, you may very well not receive your gift car.
This year, we are opening the Bash up to creative entries of a variety of types. You may participate with a spooky photo, Halloween themed layer group, or Halloween themed livery. Tunes are appreciated, and you may post them here for others to look up, but only the above listed items will be eligible for featuring on the Halloween weekend. We will try to feature as many liveries, photos, and layer groups as possible for the weekend, but this rather depends on how many qualifying entries we have. If you have been reluctant to enter an official weekly contest, here is another chance to possibly get featured in the game.

Rules of the Bash
o The theme is Halloween and the livery, photo, or layer group should be of some Halloween nature. This might be a spooky photo, an orange and black themed livery, or something more elaborate. Please try to fit entries into the spirit of the event, or you may be disqualified.
o Entrants can enter both the Halloween Bash and the regular Weekly livery contest or Photo Contest with the same entry. Entering one doesn’t exclude the other.
o The design or photo must belong to you and be your creation. Posting someone else’s work is not allowed!
o The Halloween Bash is a place to encourage participation and fun. Be respectful of this please. If you want your paint to compete in the painting or photo contest then you can still enter your livery into the weekly livery contest.
o When posting here include your Gamer Tag, the car you painted your design on (if applicable), the type of entry it is such as a Livery, Photo or Layer Group, and the filename of your item. This is not just for me to make sure you are properly entered for the event, but also so that other players can find you and hopefully download your content.
o Entry Post Example:
Forza Player GT
2009 Ford Focus (if applicable)
Livery (or Photo, or Layer Group)

Add Bash2015 to the description of your item when shared.

o You must “Share” your paint IN GAME. You must put “Bash2015” in the description of your livery when you share your design. (All one word for the description). If you do not add the description to your entry, it is likely we will not see it when we search for it. When you press “share” on your design, the description goes in the section marked “description”. You will need to type it in.
o Please share your photos of your liveries, photos, or layer groups in this thread. It will give other people an idea of what you will have shared and they might want to pick it up for their car. This is also why it is important that you include your GamerTag, your file name, and the make and model of the car so people have enough information about how to find your shared creation.
o We will feature as many qualifying entries as we can. This will depend on the number of entries.
o Any entries which contain inappropriate content may be disqualified. Please follow the Xbox Live rules for posting content.

Unlike the other contests, in order to be part of the Bash, you must post with the correct information in this thread and in-game. We have to be able to find your entry to be able to feature your creation for the weekend and other forum members also need to be able to find your creation with the information you provide. You must also share your livery in game to be considered as a Halloween Bash participant.

All entries must be shared by October 28th, 2015.

Thank you and welcome to the party!

Additional Bash Notes:

o If you have a tune to share, you may also post it in this thread. I am sure people would welcome being able to add a tune to their liveried cars, however, only a livery, photo, or layer group will be considered for the prize car or in-game featuring.

o You may discuss the Bash in this thread. It is supposed to be a good time on the forums, so let’s have some fun!


HalloweenMy Halloween inspired design based on the 10 year anniversary livery. Halloween subtle Honda s2000 year 2009 gamer tag (tea and tobaccob) file name (Halloween 10yrs) Halloween bash2015


Trick or Treat again. Grrrrrrrrrreat.

Nice to see that the Bash is back LV. Ima try to throw something together for it :slight_smile:


Hello everybody, This is the first time ive every posted on the forums. or took part in something like this also Ive never done portrait’s or anything like this before. These are my entries for the Halloween Bash. I hope you all like my work! My GT is Bxrdy

File Name: Halloween Bash
Car Name: GMC Vandura

File Name: Halloween Bash
GT: Bxrdy
Car Name: Nissan GTR Black Edition

File name: Halloween Bash
GT: Bxrdy
Car Name: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


Spot, looking forward to this again :slight_smile:

Whoo hoo, Halloween Bash time again. Will be working on something, don’t know what yet but I’m in!

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Ringu Lancer (Ringu Super Taikyu Evo IX Halloween Bash Edition)

To get the best out of the design use the following body parts:
-Forza Race front bumper
-C-west sport rear wing
-Forza street rear bumper
-C-west street side skirts
-Stock Hood

File name: Ringu Lancer
Gamertag: MN Koshiro
Car: Lancer MR '06
Original Race design

Garage shots:


Volvo S60 Polestar
File name: Halloween 2015


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Spot reserved. Had fun taking part in this last year!

GT: JSnipe135i
1997 Skyline GT-R V-Spec
Livery name: Joker & Harley
Bash2015 Livery





Forza Player GT : NitroDrift DK
Car : 2013 Subaru BRZ
Filename : halloween2015


Forza Player GT : luckeydoug1
Car : 2012 Dodge Charger SRT
Filename : Bash2015

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My a class Ferrari 360 Cs has been spruced up for Halloween Bash2015 by xo OUTLAW


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2011 BMW 1 series M coupe
Gamertag: mikeshaejake
Vehicle: 2011 BMW 1 series M coupe
File: Bash2015

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1983 GMC Vandura G-1500
Horror Movie Theme Shop Van

Can’t post image because I’m on my phone.
Please let me know if I am missing anything from qualifying for the bash

Gamertag: BBTD MitchyK7
Car: 2009 Ford Focus RS
Livery: Bash2015
Description: Bash2015

As you can see from the badge, this is the 2009 ‘Hocus’ Focus. lol

Just reworked an old design i’d remade, and it fits quite well. It also looks pretty good in orange and black! :slight_smile:


GT - CRUSE2382
File - [SGC_] Venom
Car - Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

GetPhoto (3) by craig mosley, on Flickr

GetPhoto by craig mosley, on Flickr

GetPhoto (4) by craig mosley, on Flickr

GetPhoto (2) by craig mosley, on Flickr

GetPhoto (1) by craig mosley, on Flickr


Welcome, welcome! The first few days of the Halloween Bash are shaping up. Great entries so far. Keep up the good work. Some new faces here, excellent, and welcome! Some past participants and loyal Halloween Bash supporters. Welcome to you as well! Happy to see you all joining the party.

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Hello Little Vixen

count on me :wink: