Halloween Bash 2018

So with the leaving of Little Vixen a couple months ago it seems this long-running contest is no more? I am not ok with that. It was a great way of bringing new members closer to painting in Forza, everybody could win something, it was a nice and fun event. Now we are less than four weeks away from Halloween and it is nowhere to be seen. So it’s safe to say, the official Halloween Bash is dead. Well, let’s do our own then.

Question is, what is the best way to do it? I can’t offer prizes because I can’t deliver them in the game, right? Anybody interested in creating a “Halloween Bash 2018” reward livery? Because my skills are nowhere near that level, I just loved to come up with a creative design every year. Should probably be on some of the starter cars, so everybody can easily get it and only be available for a limited time after the contest ends.

Who can enter: All skill levels are welcome. If you want to do a pumpkin car, do a pumpkin car. This is more about participation in a community event and not about the end result. Everybody started small.

Participation: You can enter a design in both Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. It should be Halloween themed. If you participate you are asked to make your livery available in the game with the description “Halloween Bash 2018”. In this thread, please share a screenshot of your work and make and model of the car plus your gamertag.

Rules: Keep it fun, follow the rules of this forum as guidelines for your designs.

Deadline: All submissions must be shared in the game by 11:59 PM PST on 10/31/2018.

Prizes: None so far. Just the rewarding feeling of continuing a tradition of Forza that seems to have been forgotten this year. If we do manage to get a prize livery (I will try to work on one myself) the participants will get a private message telling them when it is available for download and how they can find it, to keep it from being available to everyone without participation.

I actually have been putting some designs together on F.M. 7 just for the bash. They already have the logo on it. I will try and post a few pics as time allows.

Here are a few that I will have available.

1 L.E one off Subaru Brat will be available on Halloween night.

2017 AMG GT-R

Make: Volkswagen
Model:1963 Beetle
Design Name: Halloween Bash
GT:Death Seeks You