Gunsai Togue, Gunma Cycle Sports Center

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Gunsai Togue

This location is a series of mountain roads used for drifting in Gunma Prefecture, Japan and popularized by the fictional Initial D series.

Popularized by Best Motoring and Hot Version too!


Here’s the full layout of Gunsai:

It’s a very tight and challenging track to run (as seen on Best MOTORing on YouTube), which makes it even more appealing and unique. If you make even one mistake, you get sent into a guardrail or into a forest.

You can also check out many videos of the track on Noriyaro’s YouTube channel.

I’m pretty sure this map exists in Assetto Corsa via mods, but it would be so cool to see this in a game like Forza Motorsport! Turn 10, please consider this as a new track!

Here’s some videos showcasing the track:


Legendary Track!


Let’s give this a bump. Would LOVE to see this in the game, along with Fujimi Kaido.

Here’s the only vid I’ve seen of the full loop from the onboard view.

And an almost full loop.

please turn10 bring this to Forza