GSW Knucklehead Tunes

of course CC I remember you.

B Class
1987 Buick GNX
S Class
2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Thanks for the 458 tune it’s a thing of beauty just ran a 3:52.3 clean around old Le Mans with no assists & it was on the one & only flying lap as well

Nice time!!! #32 when I checked. Glad you liked the 458. I didnt really want to put the Aero on it, but it needed it. I will be working on a couple more in the Ferrari Family also, as I get to them I will update my list. Just trying to bust through the career mode and creating as I go.

Give you guys something to go after.

A Class Top Gear East & West, Dry and Wet.

Just so knuckles isn’t releasing craps tunes, I’m back with a vengeance as well. Testing his stuff tries my patience sometimes. Lol.

So I realised when I took your 458 for a spin I hadn’t set my dead zones where I like them that has now been fixed so went for another run around old Le Mans & bought the time down to a 3:49.7.

Definitely more time to be had with some more running but it’s currently the fastest 458 S.

^^^ Keep it up!!!

Also, challenge to all racers and/or tuners.

A Class - Top Gear East, West, Loop, Wet, Dry, Reverse.

I have a car built, bring your own, whatever.

thanks Joe for the paint

I had a party last night and we were working on the LB. didnt want those go-kart looking things at the top.

Next will be the B Class Same tracks. I have something built already but it seems a lil too heavy, so have some ideas for something else.

ok boys and girls. I received word that the painter will be joining us soon. Those of you who know him will be happy. Here is a sample of his work and video from FM4

and of course my very first tune that was sold to the TM way back in FM2

Hey I know you!!! :wink:

Nice to see ya reaper. How ya been?? If you see me or outlaw on hit us up for a Party lol

Damn glad to see you’re still banging them out mate - please say the the BlackBird is making a return dude!

My wrenches are kinda rusty, slowly getting back into the swing of things mate, but let me know if I can help out D.

Love to the gang :slight_smile:

Nice to see you around also, and yes the BB will be making a return as soon as we can get that dang painter in the booth. He said something about installing the game on Thursday. I do have a R34 tune up but that will not be the BB tune. I am working something with a lil more POWER. POWER is always good lol.

I have added a few new tune to the OP also.

What’s up Knuckles!

I will grab these up tonight!

Been trying myself at tuning again myself now, your name always came up in contests, latest prolly the Failrace one :stuck_out_tongue:

But i got flabbergasted by a car already… and as i ain’t no top notch tuner dude… have ya tested out the old Hudson?
I tried taking it into C class… and it got unmanagable almost, it goes up on two wheels if you corner hard… think you’d ever take a stab at that car?

I will give it a try, any special track you want it tuned for?

I think my memory is getting bad, it wasn’t the hudson, but the Mercury from the 50’s, though in my defense… they have similar shapes! :stuck_out_tongue:

And i do love laguna seca.

here’s the strange tendency it has in some corners.

Good to see you back and active KH, and glad to hear the BBs will be returning. I collected quite a few of those rare birds back in FM4.

In the past week, I’ve seen several old-timers from the garage days coming to FM6. It’s good to see the excitement here again. The GSW garage always put out quality tunes and paints.

A few BBs lol. That was a special car back in FM4 and I have about 4-6 tunes that I have been messing with for it. I will let the testers help me decide which to use as its tune. It is always nice to see some of the names that I have competed against in the past in tuning comps and cars that I have driven the wheels off from. You know you will get quality work when they put their name on it.

As always keep an eye out because there will be PARTY NIGHTS when we all get back rolling. Ahhhhh E-S Ring Nights with the NUTS!!! There will be open invitations.

Ok. C Class Tune up for the 49 Merc. man what a cow. I also uploaded a replay of me doing 2 laps around Laguna.

Yeah… that car is not… very good… yours accelerate much better than what i had done though, which is good!
but i’m still two wheelin’ it… i’m starting to wonder if it’s a bug with the car, i saw on your replay you had it up on two wheels too.
Such a weird car… Thank you though! for taking your time and doing it, i appriciate it.