Green Screen when using a gamepad on a 4k HDR HDTV.

Hey guys, i have an issue with pretty much every DX12 game on windows 10. Every time there is an Xbox One controller connected, the screen goes green and purple if the game is beeing displayed on my 4k HDTV.

Some cases this gets fixed when disabling Windows 10 Game Bar and Game Mode, but it´s not the case on Horizon 4. Any idea how to fix it?


Just wanted to chime in that after finally getting the benchmark running the way I wanted, fiddling with NVIDIA control panel to force the screen into 2160p60 @ 4:2:2 12-bit color to get FH4 to detect the screen as HDR, I finally ran into this bug when I was ready to start playing. -_- Sounded too weird to be my issue I thought, but sure enough, unplugging the controller and restarting the game makes the issue go away, and as soon as the controller is plugged in, green tint over the screen.

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (build 1809 / October Update)
NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti, driver version 411.70
LG C7, HDMI 18 Gbps cable
3840x2160 / 60 Hz / YCbCr422 12bpc
HDR enabled in Windows HD color settings

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I’ve been running into this issue too whenever I get a desktop notification, the game gets minimized, or I try to take a screenshot in game. I have all my PC settings correct for HDR and I have the Game Bar disabled. To fix it after it goes all green you have to press Alt+Enter, right click desktop, go to display settings, then disable HDR and then turn it back on. After click on the Forza Horizon 4 window and press Alt+Enter again to go back to fullscreen.

It’s very annoying to do this everytime you minimize the game for whatever reason and I hope it gets fixed soon. Forza 7 never did this. It’s very frustrating to take screenshots of the game in 4K when it does this.

I’ll give that a try Ricky, I noticed just now that if I use Alt+Enter to put the game into Windowed mode, it stays in HDR but the problem goes away. Fullscreening again reintroduces the issue. I tried turning off game bar and game mode and restarting, that didn’t fix the issue. Also, for some reason during all of my settings tests and benchmarking I had EVGA Precision XOC running without issue, after my first restart it causes the game to crash to desktop during the initial copyright loading screen, turning off the program makes it work. Very frustrating.

Edit: Well, now it seems even when I don’t have my controller plugged in, I get the green screen issue sometimes. I’ll chalk it up to continued instability with Windows 10’s HDR support, this may not even be a FH4 bug. I submitted a support ticket either way with all the information I’ve got.

Edit 2: I told myself I wasn’t going to mess with this anymore tonight but a friend told me to see if the same issue happened with RGB color instead of YCbCr 422 (trying to keep 10-bit color @ 60 Hz for the HDR) and RGB worked. The downside is I’ve gotta pick between 4K @ 60 Hz with 8-bit color, or 4K @ 30 Hz with 10/12-bit color. Anyway, I played tonight at 30 Hz with my controller plugged in for a couple hours and didn’t have any issues (except a weird HDR flicker when achievements pop).

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This is a known issue we are currently looking into. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

NVIDIA Customer Care

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Any ETA for a fix?
It’s been a month now…

I have been experiencing the same issue for a while now - both in Forza Horizon 4 and Motorsport 7.

Did anyone figure out a fix for this yet? I bought an HDMI cable to connect my PC to the 4k TV but can’t play in 4k now :confused:

I found a fix for me, i have a Samung uhd tv and i got the same problem until i changed my resolution to 4096x2160 at the settings in windows. Then i changed the resolution in game to 3840x2160. Work’s fine for me now.