Great beginner drift cars?

Hello everyone, I am new to drifting. I have been working on it the last couple months. I feel like I have made a ton of progress. I have been testing and trying all sorts of cars, some clearly feel easier to handle to me that others. I am looking for what the communities opinion on what are the beginner drifting cars?

I have bought pretty much every car in the game and usually when I want to build a drift setup, I go and race a few laps with it first completely stock. Then I will add, what I think, the car needs. Currently my beginner car is the Subaru BRZ, with drag slicks, the V-8 engine, full racing suspension/weight reduction, full racing drivetrain. In the engine, I only upgraded to the racing intake, exhaust, valves and cylinders. This puts me around 500 bhp,(don’t remember the exact HP number.) The torque curve and horsepower curve and nice and smooth and tend to stay close together, only less than 50 apart. The car is also about 51% balanced.

I found that drifting with positive camber was actually easier to handle the really long corners, but makes the short snappy ones very difficult. I have practiced with negative camber as well, and found that I can handle it, but not very well.

Any suggestions to driving style, finding the correct line, tuning suggestions would be appreciated.

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The BRZ is a good easy car to start with, but you do need to ditch those drag tires; you want to really be using sport tires. Your HP is about right, so no issues there. If you are looking for something easy to practice in, try the AE86 and drop the 1.6 rally engine in with street tires, race brakes/suspension/ARB’s/Roll cage/Weight reduction.
I would also suggest getting away from using positive camber as well, for starters it will hinder your progress with drifting, secondly it just looks plain wrong (in my opinion). Set the front camber to -2.5, and set the rear between -0.5 and -1.0, put -0.5 rear toe and +0.3 front toe and drop the ride height as low as you can. Also set the diff (accel and decel) between 80% and 100%. Only use these numbers as a base though, they are not gospel; just where I usually start.

What you are doing with the stock cars is good as well, I used to suggest doing that on FM4 and using Fujimi Kaido. On FM5 I do suggest using the fully open airfield via the tuning menu, plenty of room to just throw a car around, and its pretty fun as well. You appear to be doing a lot of the right things, so it will be interesting to see you progress.


Thanks for the help Ialryn. I will try that AE86 today.

P.S. Hopefully Turn10 bring back Fujimi Kadio! I miss all of those Japanese tracks.

Thanks for the help Ialryn. I will try that AE86 today.

P.S. Hopefully Turn10 brings back Fujimi Kadio! I miss all of those Japanese tracks.

A RWD Mitsubishi Evo 8 with 1.6 Turbo Rally Engine swap is a good beginner car too.
I used the tune in this video to start with and I have slowly tweaked it to my own setting since, but using the settings in the video definitely helped.

Is that Turbo rally engine used a lot in drifting? I looked at it’s Hp/Tq curve and it’s crazy! I though you wanted a smoother line.

I Havant got my X1 on at the moment, but if memory serves it has more torque then HP. Either way it really works well on higher speed tracks such as Alps club and Prague full, and it seems really easy to control a drift car with that engine in. I believe the HP drops off at around 4,500RPM, so the drifting is pretty much done with just the torque; I assume this is what makes it so controllable. I am going to have to look at the telemetry in game to see what the HP and Torque is actually doing with that engine lol.

I had the 1.6litre rally engine in both of these cars when I took them around Prague, so you can see what I mean. I was able to just throw those cars into the corners and floor it, it was almost like driving an AWD; even though they are RWD lol.


The link above is APX Walkers on tuning guide for forza tandem drifting competitions, its for FM4 but it will translate over to FM5 fairly well. The newer game hasn’t changed how I did things on FM4 with my drift cars, it should give you a good helping hand though.


Exactly as Ialyrn stated. It has High torque which makes power over drifting easy and the high torque is good for keeping the rev’s high while drifitng

I just got off of my weekend and thankfully I had plenty of time to test, tune, and tweak a bunch of different drift cars. I tried the AE86 and actually felt it was too easy. Hopefully thats a good sign. I went to tuning the Acura RSX, mostly because I like how the car looks, plus a 50/50 balance with the 1.4 turbo rally engine in it. The drifting went pretty well.

I think what I need to work on the most is still finding the best drifting line. After track racing so much, its weird to use a different line. I don’t think I turn in early enough to really get those high speed, sideways entries that look amazing. I mostly swing out wide, hold the clutch in, pick up my revs, then tap the handbrake, turn in to swing towards the turn and once the nose is moving towards the apex I let out the clutch and then begin to balance the throttle to maintain the drift.

I still feel like I don’t have enough forward momentum, but I think thats because I am not going in fast enough because I am still learning.

All that being said, I managed to score in the high 40k’s on alps festival on a clean lap. I was pretty happy with it. A major improvement from where I was.