Gran Turismo x Forza Motorsport

Okay, I’m surprised no one has actually brought it up yet or if they have and the topic was deleted predictably because of the rivalry. To be honest, this is more far fetched and dream-like than any of the other suggestions here.

But imagine 20% of Forza Motorsports car roster being entirely Vision GT cars? It’d be amazing, I promise /s

Seriously, two of the arcade racing genre’s biggest rivals coming together to collaborate and share data on cars, tracks and details either missed. Or maybe we see cars that are usually exclusive to Gran Turismo (Super GT cars from the 1990s and early 2000s and other unique cars we never see in the Western markets)

It’s a nice thought, though silly and unrealistic.

I don’t see how this would benefit GT7 as they already have a working successful game. This would be a one-sided partnership.


whats the chance of a forza horizon 5 X team fortress 2 crossover?

Halo had a collab with FH4, so it’s definitely possible that there would be collabs in the future. But Halo and Forza are published by Microsoft/Xbox. Team Fortress 2 is published by Valve Corporation, I’m pretty sure there wont be any collabs with games from other publishers as that was never the case before, but I also don’t see why it couldn’t be possible.

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This type of crossover looks funny, yet i can find this as a coincidence like the competence Nintendo had with Sega in the early 90s… and since 2008, they both had a crossover in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

I’d like to see them try to convince Kaz and his dev team to work with PG

It’ll be a cold day in H E double hockey sticks if this ever happens. Best you can hope for is maybe… just maybe… they might add the GT by Citroen into the game since Citroen seems to have the rights to the car over Polyphony. But, even then, I’m doubtful.