Gimx will allow your.......

For those that are trying to use there direct drive wheels on PC to play Forza7 . There is a solution , and works perfectly. Its a USB adapter that allows you to use any direct drive wheel to play F7. Start by ordering the Gimx adapter here (Official GIMX shop! – GIMX) cost me 40 bucks shipped to the U.S ,. downloading the Gimx software and Gimx drivers and also the Logitech G27 profiler. The Gimx adapter allows F7 to comunicate with your d.d wheel and accept as a G27. I had a bit of trouble trying to configure it but at the end it works like a charm.

How did you figure out the button mappings? I have to do a manual config file and I can’t match up the buttons exactly to what FH4 has showing in game. For something like the Switch Camera option under Logitech G27 in-game it’ll say Axis 5 Button 21. But when I’m mapping buttons if only lets me map buttons like Triangle, Circle, Select, Start, etc.,

Did you figure out which buttons each one is?