Direct Drive (VRS) Wheel Help?

Any other users that are using Direct Drive (specifically the VRS base) have their force feedback working? I did a search but nothing came up, especially for this rim. Some stuff from 2017 about a USB device out of Europe that “might” help but it appears to be unavailable anyway - and that info’s so old it probably isn’t applicable.

Years ago I had an Accuforce wheel (Also a direct drive, but different software of course) and it worked fine with FM7. I upgraded to this VRS a while ago and while I don’t play FM7 frequently (mainly an iRacing, ACC and Wreckfest guy) but it would great to be able to have FM7 work with my VRS wheel. Unfortunately all the info I find even on DD wheel usage is 2-3 years old and this wheel hasn’t even been available for over a year so none of it is really applicable.

Perhaps someone’s found a piece of software that I can use to “inject” a signal for this VRS wheel so that FM7 will send FFB signals to it?

FM7 does let me map the wheel axis (along with my PT-2 pedals and my USB wheel rim) without an issue. I just have no force coming through the wheel.

Thanks for any feedback/help anyone can offer.

Did you ever find a fix for this?

Thinking about gettingba VRS setup. If it does or doesn’t work with FM7 is not the end of the world for me, but it should work with any PC racing title. Its a shame that Turn 10 built Forza in such a way that only peripherals that are Xinput compatible are the only peripherals able to be used on the game. Mighty short sighted of Turn 10 and Microsoft, but seeing how their PC efforts have been since FM7, I cannot say I am surprised.

Search “Forza Tools - EMUwheel”