Get out of my way. Stupid Driveatar

The driveatars on this game have no sense of direction when you do a race in this game. I swear they always push you out the way so that you come last i’ve had it with them. Does anybody else think that the driveatars in this game are abit too aggessive?

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Racing in Horizon has always been aggressive tbh.

They have just about the right amount of aggression. It can be annoying sometimes but I’ve never found them to be grossly unfair as they sometimes can be in other games.

Racing is OK, but roadtrip, Sometimes i want to kill some drivatars.


Agreed. I’m not at the killing drivatar stage- cruising along in road trip and have a drivatar come over on me, as if we are racing is a bit much.

I have not ruin into that problem. Although I do see the Driveatars on the wrong side of the road alot. But I don’t recall them pushing me out of the way.

I find they are a bit aggressive in races but not too bad. But they really suck in the free roam mode and road trips. Every few minutes there will two or more of them racing each othe (toward me) and it almost never fails that one will make a pass by pulling into my lane and colliding into me - head on! Really annoying! I had to turn of sim damage because of it. …and then you’ll be driving down the road minding your own business and all of a sudden you get T-boned by some dumb drivitars randomly cutting across a field.

Are there any personal injury lawyers in southern Italy or France?

Yeah, I see this from time to time. (Read as all the darn time) It seems to me that the Free-Roam Drivatars are way too eager to take exotic cars off-roading.

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LOL! Drivatars apparently can be “Pro” level, but they have their quirks, too - or maybe it is the traffic doing silly things. I happen to spot HeliosT10 in front of me in a red Ferrari, and was going to challenge him, then decided to just follow and see how his Drivatar performed. Two head-on collisions later with traffic cars, and I decided he must have been answering posts while driving. LOL!

They’re not too bad in racing - maybe a bit more aggressive than I like - but you can always tell when you get a drivatar of an idiot in road trips… There’s always one that insists on getting in front of you, then slamming on the brakes.[Mod edit - WSD - Profanity]

I’ve had the same drivatar do that to me in 2 or 3 separate road trips, it was the same gamertag and they’re not even on my friends list. Talk about unlucky!


The thread title sums up all my SP roadtrip experiences thus far, lol.

I often get t-boned by lamborghini’s mostly in fields. It would be hilarious if i wasnt trying to play with full damage. Grrrrr.

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Hmm … well, if this are drivatars as described, this may reflect the driving style of a (huge ?) part of the real players. From my point of view this somewhat ruined Forza 5 for me. What I realized in Forza 5:

  • The Drivatars having cars going good top speed, good acceleration, but are unable to corner well
  • very aggressive
  • they do not care about traffic around them at all
  • and (expecialy by the style of Forza 5 ) - racing aggressive and out off any racing rules, there are no penalties - if you have an advantage from the situation - just kick someone else out of the race

And if I look at the driving style in public online races - this is just the style of many real players

So had to switch tire and damage simulation off - it does make no sense
I’m unhappy with the drivatar level I can select for me
either somewhat to easy, once I finished a aggressive driving after start I’m the leader for the remaining two laps with no danger from behind - no real racing …
or overtaking a car is nearly impossible for aggressive style, at all no chance to finish in top 3 during a race … the good drivatars (and there are some, and you can identify them) are so fare away in front when I’m finished to let the $%§/§$%" Drivatars behind me


The free roam Drivatars sound like FH1, and FH2 (360) AI. Like exactly.

It would be nice to be able to pick and choose drivatars you like playing with. I firmly believe the aggressive behavior is that of the actual gamer behind it, and the real bad ones are those imported from Forza 5 (level 1 drivatars).

I’ve noticed drivatars with levels tend to play well with traffic and try to avoid taking corners too hard. Also, they seem more likely to try make cleaner passes and are less aggressive as a whole.

What bothers me the most are those in free roam. Lots of offroading supercars, and a lot of driving on the wrong side of the road around blind corners, overtaking whenever, and not when its safe… the list goes on.

Just things I’ve observed. I heard if you started a private free roam, you can play normally without drivatards (drivaterrors, pick a name), but I’ve yet to try it myself.

Ben: Remember its not a race, enjoy most of it.
Me: Ok.

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Sometimes I think the drivatars are a little too aggressive as well, but it doesn’t last too long. The one thing I hate is when I’m just driving about a getting skill points and have a big skill chain going, there’s that one drivatar that has to mess it up.