Genesis GV60 2023-current

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Genesis GV60


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gv60 (2)

In its default rear-wheel-drive layout, the GV60’s electric motor produces 168kW of power, 350Nm of torque, and a range of 451km in one full charge. Add another electric motor to the front, it will become AWD and it will churn out a total of 234kW of power and 605Nm of torque but the range is cut to 400km.

Opted for the Performance AWD powertrain, which is the equivalent to the one seen on the Kia EV6 GT, it comes with the Boost Mode located at the steering wheel. Push it on and you’ll have 360kW of power and 700Nm of torque at your disposal. You can also engage the secret Drift Mode to give the GV60 the dynamics of a rear-wheel-drive car you can’t get enough of. Cheesy for a crossover but it’s worth trying out.

Coupled with the e-LSD, Active Road Noise Control, Regenerative Braking Control Paddle Shift, and the Preview Electronically Controlled Suspension, the GV60 is all about adapting itself through the roads of the new normal. Rear-wheel-drive alone, it’s a good car to drive on the streets, but if it’s AWD, it’s good on almost everywhere, especially when you take it to the track with the Drift Mode on.

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Genesis GV60 Performance


Genesis GV60 Performance

The GV60 Magma I saw in the NY auto show.

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