Genesis GV80 2021-current

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Genesis GV80


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • Crossover
  • Coupé Crossover
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Pre-facelift (2021-2023)
  • Facelift (2024-current)
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Which engine do you prefer?

  • 2.5L Inline-4
  • 3.5L V6
  • 3.0L Inline-6 Diesel
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Which drivetrain do you prefer?

  • RWD
  • AWD
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2021 Genesis GV80

The GV80 is powered by the same 3.0L diesel engine as the Kia Mohave but it produces 278PS of power and 60kg-m of torque and it is mated to an 8-speed AT. On its five-seater guise, it returns with a combined fuel economy of 11.8km/L.




The GV80 2024MY minor change features an all-petrol lineup consisting of a Smartstream G2.5T engine sourced from today’s Hyundai Santa Fe MX5, producing 304PS of power and 43kgf-m of torque, and the ultra-powerful Smartstream G3.5L V6 turbo engine producing 380PS of power and 54kg-m of torque. Exclusive to the GV80 is the Smartstream G3.5L V6 turbo engine with a 48V electric supercharger producing 415PS of power and 56kgf-m of torque. All are mated to an 8-speed automatic.

Like the pre-facelifted model, the GV80 is rear-wheel drive as standard with an optional all-wheel drive system that works on all road conditions; be it tarmac, gravel, or snow. It even comes with an electronically controlled suspension with road preview, which allows the GV80 to recognize road conditions via the front camera.

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