Gen3 V8 Supercars

AFMG Gen3 V8 Supercars

  • Host= vVv STU vVv

  • 3 round mini series

  • Success Ballast per race

  • Penalties = Track cutting only

  • 1 drop round

  • 6 speed Gearbox (set Mustang 7th gear to same as 6th)

  • Power Handicap 0.650 (Tune gearing to suit power handicap)

  • Must use 2 tyre compounds in each race

  • Builds on Discord, in this link or at the bottom of this post…/1VNXJP0gHRNYmHF4vDbS8…/edit…

------Round 1------ 21/11/23 8pm AEDT

20:00 Qualifying - Kyalami GP - 4 laps

20:15 Race 1 - Kyalami GP - Q Grid Formation Lap - 25 laps

21:00 Race 2 - Yas Marina South - Previous Results Formation Lap - 40 laps

------Round 2------ 28/11/23 8pm AEDT

20:00 Qualifying - Mid Ohio Short - 4 laps

20:15 Race 1 - Mid Ohio Short - Q Grid Formation Lap - 35 laps

21:00 Race 2 - VIR South - Previous Results Formation Lap - 40 laps

------Round 3------ 5/12/23 8pm AEDT

20:00 Qualifying - Watkins Glen Full - 4 laps

20:15 Race 1 - Watkins Glen Full - Q Grid Formation Lap - 25 laps

21:00 Race 2 - Silverstone International - Previous Results Formation Lap - 45 laps

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Any plans on doing something like this with the sedans?

do you mean the actual older v8 supercars?

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I do, yes. They are my favorite racecars and it really upsets me that i have to race them agaimst the GT cars. Id love to see a grid full of them.

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yep we or a similar group will run them eventually

Have you had any intrest fro the US? If so i would love to set up a US league.

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mostly aus drivers on at our times though we welcome any internationals if the internet connection is solid

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Highlight: Gen3 Round 1 race 1 - Twitch

Highlight: Gen3 Round 1 race 2 - Twitch

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If i could race in it that would be awesome but the time here unfortunately is the middle of the day when the race starts. I am in the process of making replica paint schemes for the camaro and soon for the mustang as well if anyone in the league is interested, im in the fb group also so they can message me there if theres a specific paint they would like me to make for them.

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post them up on the facebook group members would love to see your designs

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