Gameplay - Estimated Fuel calculation is not correct, or not matter


The fuel level setting is incorrect, even with the lowest level you can complete any number of laps ( show on the screen 0 pit stops, 0 laps, but you can even go 100 laps)! Setting, tuning, car, track doesn’t matter!

What difficulty are you racing at?
With the lowest difficulty you don’t have fuel consumption, but are still able to set fuel load. If this is in Free Play, the default setting is the lowest difficulty and this will reset everytime you open Free Play.

I checked it now the “Super Sedan Cup”, and a little better, but here not correct too.

This is my difficulty settings:

I take the fuel level on the minimum; the calculation show its enough for 13 laps, but when I start the race, I can’t complete the first lap, because the fuel is run out…


Rivals, Free Play, Cup, no matter, the fuel calculation is not working.

That rules out one possible cause.
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Thanks for the answer! I restarted the cup a another car (change for Audi to Mercedes), increase the difficulty level on the max level, and change the tyre too, but the result is a little worst. :smiley: I reinstall the game, maybe this way solution this problem too…

Low fuel level calculation:

High fuel level calculation:

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I reinstalled the game, but it didn’t help… The strange thing is that the fuel calculation still worked during early access!

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Another Masterpiece Dev´s!!!

Full Tank (60 Laps) is Empty after 1 1/2 Rounds on Watkins Glen :man_facepalming:

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After the new update the fuel calculation still no working! Tragedy…

The fuel estimate on most races and in most cars is still way off. Had it set to 10 laps, after the 1st race I was down to 7 laps. XSX after update 2.0

Mines is having the same problem on the Xbox. It’s like it’s showing the miles instead of the laps. Plus it’s very frustrating when every time I have fuel on it, the numbers are like all over the place. I still don’t know why it keeps happening!

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Fuel system seems to be based on an automatic transmission so if youre running manual and taxing it deep into the redline it chews up a significant amount more dino-juice

Sometimes it is off even with automatic. And almost everytime during wet race.


Hopped in my B class Stingray to try & knock out some featured multiplayer races…made sure i had more fuel than was needed, and off i went.

Halfway into the first lap, i noticed my fuel had gone from three/four laps, to nearly zero.
This wasn’t an issue before…but…apparently now it is.

I can contend with the cheaters and speed hacking losers…but…how can we be expected to enjoy being competitive, if the most basic mechanics are compromised, and things don’t work as they should?

On a side note, i’d also like to point out, that, whomever did the power/torque numbers on many cars is lazy, or purposely neglegent.

I know T10 doesn’t favor oldschool Nissans, Toyotas, muscle cars and so forth, but…the blatant under-powering/poor handling of those iconic cars has me questioning if the team even cares about car culture as a whole anymore.

I’m not angry, but, i AM disappointed.
If i could work from home, i’d gladly help fix this…however, i doubt that is the case.

The HP/Torque numbers reminds me of Assetto Corsa. Somehow the torque numbers didn’t matter, only the HP. Which is odd since the mathematical equation to get HP, needs torque as one of the numbers. Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252
FM23 (and prior iterations of FM) seem this way as well.
I also wonder if they even know what valve float is, since they put a rev limiter on everything (including cars that never had one to begin with) and redlines mean absolutely nothing in game.