Game way too hard ?

I got the game 2 days ago i know,

But even if i lowered AI difficulty to inexperienced the ai drives so perfect, they never go off course or bump to each other…
Im already so bored of the game…

If that’s the case, you need to practice with assists on and lower difficulty. When you think you’re ready, you try without assists and higher difficulty. It’s like a bike with training wheels.


So… 2 days in, you can’t win a race and ready to quit??? Again, like mentioned, Personally I would find it boring if I would start a new game and win everything right away, what’s the point? I like to grind my way up the ranks. Finish last, then next race maybe 8th place, and next maybe 4th, practice practice practice

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I remember I could never win one race. I always took 6th or below. Even with rewind.

Until finally one day I took 2nd.

After that, I knew I was getting better. I wouldn’t drive on any other course till I took first.

Now here I am, over 2 million credits, 200 cars, all perks…

…and a first place medal from that race.


Game is way too hard!! Are you serious??

Start with the AI inexperienced and select just one car, get a tune from within the garage and start free roam to see how the car feels to drive. Check your game assists to see if it makes it easier for you.

It is not too hard! I have finished the game, have all Achievements, Challenges, 550 Cars, Lvl600+ and 60M+ Credits. I make it as hard as I want and still win.


You dont need to win on the main map just compete you can all ways go back and try the races later to improve you position.

Now at level 600 all but 5 cars and about 6,000,000 in creds and still lose races from time to time.


I remember back on the very first Forza not being able to win, good times. If your approach to gaming is to quit every time a small challenge shows up then you’ll never have any fun. Practice, learn, and improve, it’s what gaming is all about.

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Actuallly You need to be a little more aggressive. On inexperienced the drivatars drive very cautiously. They slow down way to much for curves. If your having a hard time beating them even at that level you need to go a little faster duck under then in the curves and pass and if your using the driving arrows which you most likely are take the corners with the arrows just starting to turn yellow. I am not a great player of these kind of games. But I have sett it at medium 135% difficulty and won most of my races. Infact the game keeps prompting me to turn up the diffculty as I am winning to easily.

Same here but a year ago… went to motorsport 6 for a while, FH3 was too disturbing, even staying on track sometimes. After a couples of weeks on Motorsport 6, came back and forgot to pay MS6 for 9 month… Got hoocked to free roaming and won all my races, I’m not so much of a good driver still, I loose a lot online…