Game Frequently Crashes After Only One Race

I haven’t done many races in the career so I am near the beginning

My problem is that I can only do one race and the after race stuff (collect winnings, etc), however, when I try to do the next race the game crashes and kicks me back to the dashboard. It does this every time (sometimes it may get closer to loading, like the Showcase Stig 1-1 when it loaded the pre-race stuff. However the race never started and when I restarted the game it took me to the next race in the career).

Maybe it was a weird glitch because my Xbox is not Instant On mode (or whatever it’s called). Hopefully that was it, because I can’t play the game one race (then one crash) at a time

ps. sorry if this post got sentence structure wrong, typos, or something - the MSFT Edge browser tends to really, really hang when i’m typing stuff in (the page greyed out then normal, rinse and repeat many times).

Have you tried hard resetting your console properly

I put my Xbox into Energy Saving mode and then turned it off for a few hours. When I tried it again, the game froze again after one race (load screen crash to dashboard).

There was a download in my queue, but I don’t think that should have impacted playing a game. Maybe it could be (but shouldn’t be) that my 2 TB external hard drive and my 500 GB Xbox are over 70% full. I don’t know, it is just really, really annoying.

Hopefully I won’t have to delete and reinstall the game (there were 2 or 3 small downloadable games I did have to). I played several other games and the only one that crashed was How to Survive.

Pull the power plug from the wall and wait for the light on the power supply to go off
Then plug it back in and see how it goes

A proper, full hard reset of the Xbox One console:

1 – from the Dashboard, out of all games, hold the X button on the front of the console down until it shuts the system down.
2 – Disconnect the external power from the wall plug (or at least disconnect the wall-side connector on the power pack itself).
3 – WAIT until all power drains from the external power pack (no light, either white or dull orange showing on the pack).
4 – Reconnect the power supply to the electrical outlet.
5 – Restart the console in the usual manner, i.e., either with the controller or a short push on the X button on the front of the X1.
6 – WAIT until the console self-checks and fully boots to the Dashboard before attempting anything.

If you don’t disconnect the external power pack and let the power completely drain out, the system is still retaining “old” stuff and not resetting.

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Well, i tried the power cycling suggested above and i’m still having the same problem (1 race finished, crashes back to dashboard on load between races)

I don’t know why it is behaving this way - I could understand games not loading at all, which should never happen (i’m growing to hate this console generation). Remember when you could just put a disc in and a game would play?

I guess I should try Forza 6 offline and see if it behaves better (allows more than one race at a time). i’m not going to be happy if this is some kind of server/drivatar syncing issue.

Interesting enough, MSFT has an online trouble shooter for games not loading - the irony here is they messed it up so certain pages won’t load (if they exist).

Edit: Forza 6 won’t even load in offline mode. I get the time out error (0x802705a) every time I try.