Game doesn´t start!

The game starts for a brief moment like 3 seconds and closes again without an error message or anything like that.

I read through almost every single thread with the same problem. The only thing is that even the solutions like downloading an app and canceling it or deleting the dlc and reinstalling it doesnt work. Nothing seems to work. I am sad because first I spent much money on this and cant play it and second I finally want to play it with my mate.

Things I tried:

Downloading an app and canceling it while downloading.

Deleting and reinstalling the Hoonigan DLC

Reseting the Microsoft Store

I just can´t seem to fix the problem. I hope someone can help me.

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I have this same problem… and i don`t know how to fix this.

I had the same problem since almost 2 month . what i can do man