Game crashing in first loading screen every time

The game starts up to the mian menu absolutely fine, ive even left it on that screen for a solid 10-15 minutes no problem, however, once I try and go into the settings, benchmark race or pressing the continue button, the game sound will distort, the whole thing appears to stutter and then crash to a grey screen and back to desktop.

I have all drivers up to date, reinstalled the game, not using any virus software/OBS or anything else I feel that could be clashing with the game

similar problem here. payed 15 hours of the game fine, then suddenly cant load as gets stuck on first loading screen or occassionally asks me to sync data - which will stay on 0% forever. I had the same sound problem and if you change the properties of your audio output to 24 bit 48000 Hz (studio quality) it fixes that but still cant actually get past the loading screen. I’, just trying a fresh install onto a new ssd so maybe that will help fix it but i think it might be a driver problem despite the fact i have tried running it with all the most recent drivers with nothing to show for it. I expect its something their end as their have been hundreds of complaints like this already :confused: